Ubuntu hilariously tries to turn Windows 7 buyers to Linux to “avoid Windows 8” pain


Windows 8 is a major transition in the look and feel of Windows but Ubuntu’s desperate call for desktop users to upgrade to their OS to “Avoid the pain of Windows 8” rings rather hollow when one bears in mind that for desktop upgraders, Windows 8 will still run all their old apps, while Ubuntu’s poor clone of Windows XP will not.

Of course the fact that Steam is trying to move their gaming empire to Linux does mean Microsoft should not completely ignore the threat, but I think just the idea that Windows users will move in droves to Linux is so embarrassing that Ubuntu has already changed the slogan on their web page back to “Your wish is our command”.

Do our readers think Microsoft should be worried? Let us know below.

Thanks Filipe for the tip.

Screen shot Softpedia.com

  • techy0409

    who spells Linux correctly in the first part of a sentence, than misspells in the second half? the writer of this article… also mispelled Ubuntu. professional, indeed…..

    • lol

      how bout you just stfu u fag

  • Breakingillusions

    desperate move for attention

  • http://www.jeroenheijster.com/ Jeroen Heijster

    Oh right, switching to the horrible unity is soooo much fun… I love Windows 8.

    • Bloob

      while that slogan was idiotic, the nice thing about linux is that you can use whatever GUI / UX you want

      • Tumultus

        Yeah, just show the average Joe how to do it! After all, it must be pretty easy the way you say it! :)

        Some guys always seem to forget that most people don’t know anything about computers. They sure want to use that damn thing but basic concepts such as shortcuts, start menu and folders … they haven’t even heard of yet! I just try to imagine how many names the average Joe would be called in Linux forums by asking such “simple” questions as “How can I change my GUI /UX?”. :)

        Linux can be great – for geeks! I’ve been there, done it for 20 years, even programmed a whole lot for it. Unfortunately, Linux needs permanent work and tweaking to get it in a (for you) usable state. And the irony: once you’re done, your perfectly set up Linux computer is already 2 generations behind again, so, grab the newest distro and start all over again!

        If you want to waste most of your time tweaking your operating system, then, yeah, Linux is the way to go!

        • ColPanic

          Sums it up perfectly

      • http://www.jeroenheijster.com/ Jeroen Heijster

        Let’s go down the options when it comes to Ubuntu
        Unity: I’m sorry, but for the regular user, it is a big change and I personally do not like it.
        Gnome 3: A big change, I could get used to it but still…
        KDE: Might work for some users, still, it is a change.
        xfce: Will scare away most users because it looks like it was made 10 years ago
        LXDE: same as xfce.

        The rest is even more different from what users are used to

  • GG002

    They can’t even rhyme properly.. There goes the last piece of trust for Linux.

  • Sunovavic

    Must be that pedo looking dude from zdnet SJVN’s idea.

  • nbr123

    This is another fake software like Android. Android copied from iOS. Ubuntu is now copying the GUI from Windows. They might surely get more market, you never know. These are the days of fake softwares

    • Guest

      You are so full of shit. You are probably a Mitt Romney voter.

    • michel memeteau

      I guess you don’t even know a damn about the linux Unity desktop ?

      Yes iOS and Windows are real for … Your wallet :-)

  • Meekermoloko

    Microsoft should always be cautious, but the average consumer does not even know what Linux is, and probably never heard of Ubuntu. And it will stay like that unless they have money to buy a lot of advertising.

    I like that they keep improving the software, but when it comes down to it… It’s really hard to get away from Windows. People will adjust to Win8. And to get it at a $39.99 upgrade price is practically a no-brainer. And the ones that don’t get it will keep Windows 7.

    Perhaps Valve will buy Ubuntu and use their STEAM money to pay for ads. Who knows? Microsoft should worry more about Valve than Ubuntu.

    • Tumultus

      Once Valve makes the switch, I am sure a not-yet-known company will fill the gab on Windows pretty soon. In a way, Valve may just go down the path of oblivion because most Windows users simply don’t want to put up with Linux!

      Even if Valve were going to buy Ubuntu (and here I really stress “if”), they wouldn’t continue it as a desktop OS but rather pack it into a console-like environment sooner or later. And why would they have to waste money on Ubuntu if they could grab the Linux kernel and pack their own distro?

  • xma1e

    Not a chance, this is desperate marketing. If moving from win 7 to win 8, then moving to a completely different os would be a nightmare x10

  • heisbadhistory

    Got Windows Phone .. Got XBOX .. Will have Windows 8 .. Ecosystem Looking
    No CEO’s for President..

  • http://www.facebook.com/HabeebAlAli Habeeb AlAli

    Don’t even think to try Ubuntu
    It is horrible
    I tried it myself, and did not find any ease of use nor a UI beautiful nice design, it’s all a mess
    Moreover, talking this time, you will miss the beauty of Windows 8 UI

    • Damien

      to a new user of a computer, both are as easy to use as the other. And ubuntu is awesome as it’s free. If you are a techie then you will always be running linux in one form or another.

      • Tumultus

        Only because something is free doesn’t make it “awesome”. :)
        I consider myself a “techie” but I am not running Linux at all! There is just sooo much more that I can do in a Windows environment and even though this differences are getting smaller with each new distro released, I wouldn’t want to change to Linux anymore. My time is too valuable and being constantly busy tweaking my Linux environment or trying to track down that one single file that has the wrong permission set and causes my app not to run … well, been there, done that! :)

        • http://www.jeroenheijster.com/ Jeroen Heijster

          While they could build a spinoff, think of the amount of users ubuntu has. If they all get steam pre-installed, they would have new users.

          Would it be worth it? No idea.

        • Unia

          You sir, are ignorant and obviously a Windows fanboy. I’ve been using Linux for over a year now and I have _never_ had wrong permissions or an issue that would make my applications not start. It’s obvious you didn’t invest any time in searching for answers and just went back to Windows right away.

          Changing your DE is as simple as installing it (on Ubuntu that would be one simple command “sudo apt-get install “), logging out and on the login screen, choose the new environment to login to.

          Oh, and by the way, my OS isn’t dated by two years. I can do stuff that you can’t now and won’t be able to do with Windows 8 either. You would be ashamed if you know how many times I had to help relatives and friends with their Windows computers and that I have not had a _single_ crash in all these months! And yes, I run Arch and not Debian stable so _no_, it’s not because I use outdated software.

          Now, to each his own I guess. If you want to use Windows, I’m fine with that. But please, don’t be ignorant and childish and promote that Linux is outdated and doesn’t work and that all its users are stupid.

          • Tumultus

            You, Sir, are quite mistaken! I’ve been working on and with Linux for longer than you can imagine!

            Already your 2nd paragraph proves my point: Terminal -> “sudo apt-get install ” … no need to say more!

            Also, please improve your reading skills! Nowhere in my previous comment did I mention Linux is outdated but, then, I assume you have a very short attention span and your imagination filled the gap. :)

            Have a good one!

          • Unia

            FWIW, a direct quote:

            “Unfortunately, Linux needs permanent work and tweaking to get it in a (for you) usable state. And the irony: once you’re done, your perfectly set up Linux computer is already 2 generations behind again, so, grab the newest distro and start all over again!”

            Plus one can also use Synaptic to install software, if you’re afraid of using the terminal. Oh, and instead of trying to insult me we could also have had a normal discussion. To me this only adds to the fact you’re a fanboy not willing to look past his own scope. But, as I said, to each his own.

            I will advice you to read the following article and after that, I’m done discussing with you.


          • Tumultus

            Insulting you? Far from it (yet). BTW: you were the one throwing the first stone: “You sir, are ignorant and obviously a Windows fanboy”. :)

            As I stated earlier, I do not need a lesson in Linux computing. Have been working with it for 20+ years. In fact, you could learn a thing or 2 from me, of that I am sure!

            A discussion with you, well, thanks but no thanks! You not only take things out of context but you also imply things I never said! Still, the irony is that you’re proving my point even with the package manager: try explaining to the average Joe that he can use it instead of the terminal and see how far you get.

            You’ve also proven another aspect: many wanna-be Linux users have an attitude problem!

            Once more, have a good one!

          • shenzhen2112

            Someone made you feel inferior one day because he made a snide aloof comment about you not being a Linux user. He probably looked and talked like the comic book store owner on the Simpsons.
            Now that you’re in the ‘know it all’ circle of geeks you think you can parade in here with ‘over a year’ of experience with Linux and tell us old fartz what Linux is all about?
            After 17 years I DO still use Linux for nostalgia and some very specific tasks and even then I’ve retired the Linux Box because running it in Hyper V suits me just fine.
            There was a time when Linux was kind of the cool under dog that had a lot of potential, but MS has really gotten their shiz together these last 4 years. The coffin is no where near being nailed shut, however the relavence of Linux declines every passing year. Sorry Boy.

        • vijai kumar

          Linux is better but don’t compare it with windows…. Linux is much more than a OS… It shows universal hood… Even in this corporate junk world… Linux is one of the very few places where people “give back” something to its community.

          • Tumultus

            Who is stopping people from “giving back” to Windows users? In fact, you find as much free and open source software as for Linux, if not even more!

  • 123321

    😀 sry but i can just laugh about that 😀

  • Rick Villafuerte Gonzales

    haha, I like ubuntu but this is stupid!!

  • erfanullah

    I tried some earlier version and I wont compare it even with Windows XP. If you like the look of it, better install a custom theme on Windows 7. Personally, I have been using Windows 8 (on non-touch display)for almost a year now and I like it.

  • GNexus

    Have Ubuntu on one old machine just because I was curious what the die-hards over at ZDNet were so excited about. All I can say is that there is a reason it’s free, and you get what you pay for. I recently downloaded an update to Ubuntu that shrinks the browser space away from the left-side icon bar to prevent the desktop from surfacing accidentally every time you go for the back button on the browser. Wow. Probably took some form of committee to fix that fairly obvious failure. It’s Windows 8 for me.

  • http://josedmorales.net/ Joe Morales


  • ryan

    I’ve seen lots of people complain online about driver issues with Windows 8. If you think that’s bad, head over to Ubuntu, good luck with drivers over there. What a nightmare. Who starts these arguments anyways? Nobody is profiting off of it. Is it a cult or something?

  • tarbuck

    I recently did the exact opposite, finally replacing Ubuntu with Windows 8 after several miserable years. Sure, I’m able to use Linux as a desktop OS, but why would I actually WANT to? Good to see that a lot of laptop vendors have now ditched the Ubuntu preinstall option so that others don’t end up repenting at leisure

  • Kane

    the problem of Linux lover (aka Linux losers) is that they don’t want to accept the fact that Linux on desktop is dead, gone , …

  • sumedh kumar

    The marketing team must be mad .. Probably drunk and mad , both.

  • Katana18

    Wait a minute…is this for the average Joe who suposedly can’t cope with hitting the Windows key for the start menu? Change their entire OS to Linux? LOL

  • mazz72

    Average Joe: So what is this “Ubuntu”?
    Me: Well, to keep it simple, it’s a computer operating system, an alternative to Windows or Mac.
    Average Joe: Oh yeah, I know Windows. What’s an operating system?
    Me: Nevermind. It’s not important.
    Good luck, Ubuntu.

  • michel memeteau

    Funny, but Vista made a lot of people migrate to Ubuntu , and I guess Windows8 might be the same fail.

    Ubuntu is shipping on 5M of the computers sold this year, so yeas it’s an alternative to Windows for 99% of the users.

    It’s even better than windows for webapps integration in Ubuntu 12.10

    • Kash

      Just Saying , Even If You Look at the Market Shares Of Desktop Operating Systems. Vista Which You Are Calling a Failure Is Still Leagues Ahead of The ENTIRE Linux Distros Put Together.

      • michel memeteau

        Yes, you can preinstall any shit on computers, people would still buy it ….

  • vijai kumar

    Anyone buying an operating system should not feel that they do not own it completely and live under fear at all. That’s sadly the case for windows. For people who comment on unity,if you don’t like it you can use gnome fall back and switch to classic gnome interface. Stability my ass,windows sucks in that. When it comes to scientific computing windows cannot even spell it…. Talk about security of files and network security, all u need to spoil a windows system is to take a “crash course” in hacking…. They might be able to stop Autodesk from writing softwares for unix. But microsoft’s ending started with the launch of ubuntu software center which made installing applications so easy. Libre office 3 is as good as msoffice 2010. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is one of very few highly stable operating systems i ever laid my hands on. Don’t fall for eyecandy,oh i am sorry we(Linux Community) got that too now… If you people spend as much as money you spend on software for hardware you quality of computing and life would be much much better….

  • Jess

    Windows 8 sucks, messing up my drivers. I like Ubuntu and it’s the best Linux distribution ever. Microsoft will soon lose to Linux in no time. I’m dual booting these 2 OS to see which is better.

  • J

    Windows 8 is absolutely horrid. Not just because of the removal of the Start Button and Aero Theme, but because of Microsoft releasing 8.1 because they got scared of their fans. I personally prefer Ubuntu over Windows 8.
    Also, how is Ubuntu an ‘XP Clone’?

    This whole site is full of Microsoft fanboys.

  • Bobajob

    I am pissing myself with the irony of this article.

  • NGM123

    That’s hilarious.
    Having said that, after using W8 for 2 months I’ve gone back to W7. I think it’s great for tablets, but on my laptop it’s nothing short of a clusterfuck.
    MS should have just released W8 as WTouch or something like that, tablets and phones only so it is only for smaller products featuring a touch screen. Out here in PC land it’s nothing short of horrible.
    MS is treading a very tricky line currently with W8

  • tomakali

    Transition to W8 UI will take 2 release…
    Windows 8 and Windows 9
    when XP phase out and Windows 7 phase out…
    Oldies dont have anywhere to go…
    by then, newbies will be on Win9 already…
    its those people who have brain crap to move forward with all freaking reason aer held back to the stonage by themselves

  • Ian Wardell

    I love Linux… I duel boot it on everything …..then again….I’m a cs guy….