UK Government Approves Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8 As BYOD Products

The UK government has issued security approval for public sector organisations to offer bring your own device (BYOD) schemes for employees to access data and applications using their own smartphones and tablets.  The new End User Devices Security and Configuration Guidance policy was issued this week by CESG, the information security arm of GCHQ. It follows numerous public bodies such as local councils seeking to introduce BYOD schemes to offer more flexible working for staff.

The policy also provides detailed advice for a wide range of possible products and operating systems. Devices using Android 4.2, BlackBerry 10.1, Apple iOS6, Windows 7 and 8, Windows Phone 8 and RT, Ubuntu 12.04, OS X 10.8 and Google ChromeOS 26 are all on the list.


  • Yuan Taizong

    This is good news for many people, let’s be honest, Windows is the best O.S. on the market, which is why we constitute for more than 90%.

  • Johan Spånberg

    No Ios 7? 😉