Upcoming External Hard Drive Support On Xbox One Leaked In New Image

Xbox One External Harddisk

Microsoft Xbox team is constantly delivering updates for Xbox One system every month. Since its launch, Xbox One has received 3 significant system updates that has improved the overall experience. Currently, Xbox One system does not support external hard drive, you need to store everything in your Xbox One’s internal storage. During Reddit Q&A, Microsoft revealed that they might add support for external drive in the future. Today, an Xbox One developer has posted the image of Xbox One dashboard showing the upcoming External Drive support. It even shows the amount of free space available. Expect this update in coming months.

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via: Reddit

  • huenche


  • Yehuda Lauer

    not sure why this is a surprise.. they announced external hardrives at launch… its just a little shocking that its taken this long for the update to come…

    • alukard

      its not an easy business to run

      • Yehuda Lauer

        never said it was, just a little surprised its taken 6 months for this to come through…

        • Gunzta

          Not shocking at all, the mentality is even if you had bought every single Xbox One game, you would only be running out of space about now. No real need for it to have come sooner.

          • JayMike

            Sounds nice but you only forgot to mention every single Xbox One game plus all the apps and other storage necessary stuff.

          • Yehuda Lauer

            not really, with most games having an install size of more than 25gb a lot of people have already been installing and uninstalling games for a few weeks now.

    • simpleas

      Lol so butt hurt. I recommend tums, medicated

      • Yehuda Lauer