Upcoming Redesign Of Xbox Music App For Windows 8/RT Devices Revealed

Xbox Music Radio

Microsoft is planning to update its core apps for Windows 8/RT devices along with the release of Windows 8.1. One of those apps which will get major redesign seems to be Xbox Music app. The upcoming redesign of Xbox Music app for Windows 8.1 got leaked today and you can seen them above. Putting Radio up the front is a great move from Xbox Music team as Apple has just recently announced their iTunes Radio service which offers similar features.

Xbox Music Radio 1

Source: Bavo

  • XB_Mod

    considering how useless the current Music app is…I’m very excited for the new one. Also the darker design looks much nicer and more elegant compared to the ugly silver.

    • kemite2

      The current Music app ist not useless…STOP BASHING MICROSOFT!!!

      • dudie

        lol. Funny shit bro.

      • Forc3

        Ist not useless aka ist broken and does not work, it is useless aka it misses many Features. So dont overreact on such things…

  • gnorb

    looks great! I hope they ‘redesigned’ the performance too. On surface rt the music app is not usable!

  • vitaSvizra

    it doesn’t really look like Modern UI from Microsoft… More like Xbox One… And search outside the charmsbar??? And what is the bar on the left? Not the multitaskbar!!

    • Forc3

      Hence the Name XBOX Music 😉 lets see how this turns out….

    • Daniel

      search outside the charms bar is now part of 8.1 if you remember the leak regarding the new UI elements, one being a search one.

  • ruste

    Hopefully it will be much faster and the music store gets a nice big upgrade as well.

  • panagiώtis

    how about make it available to everyone? here in greece we don’t have xbox music yet!(after so many years iTunes store is available to buy everything)

    • eharris560

      It’s not there probably due to licensing deals

    • Jammmmd

      Yeah, you got to speak to the record companies, not MS. But, the Xbox Music store has been growing really fast internationally… so I’m sure it will come to your country soon.

  • cybersaurusrex

    I like the improvements. Finally, Metro apps are becoming more “functional.” Good idea!

  • JRV

    Microsoft is still not getting it. It’s so simple: Turn Zune player into a Modern UI app, including wired and wireless sync with Windows Phones, and creating auto-playlists…and they’re done.

    • koenshaku


    • slickjoint

      My thoughts exactly. I keep saying this for years now

  • Mark Gibbs

    I liked the old one, but there is nothing wrong with improvements as long as its from feed back and not the Apple way…

  • eharris560

    I hope they put the Zune functionality back, and update the
    phone so I can’t make a playlist on the go.

  • soder

    I think everybody who is expecting MS will all of a sudden change its mind and re-design the xbox music app from scratch, will be super-disappointed on the launch day of Windows (RT) 8.1. This product will never ever be like the one we really want, period.