Upcoming Xbox One Indie Games Revealed: Worms Battlegrounds And Nutjitsu

Microsoft revealed ID@Xbox program last year which allowed independent developers to self-publish Xbox One games to Xbox Store. Even though Microsoft announced this program months back, we are yet to indie titles on Xbox One Store. Phil Spencer from Microsoft today revealed that NinjaBee’s Nutjitsu and a mystery Team17 Worms game will be among the first ID@Xbox titles released.

Nutjitsu is a free-to-play Windows 8 puzzle game from Ninja Bee, the studio behind A World of Keflings.

Team 17 has confirmed to Eurogamer its plan to self-publish Worms Battlegrounds on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Apart from this, Microsoft is expecting several other indie developers releasing their games on Xbox One platform. Games should have an exciting 2014 ahead!

via: Eurogamer

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    I personally really hope that Microsoft will make it easier for developers to port these applications/games to Windows and Windows Phone, games are the bulk of Google Play and the App Star, Gamers are often very fanatical and loyal to Microsoft, so Microsoft should have a golden chance here that Google and Apple don’t, please make it ”one ecosystem”, Microsoft can easily make Windows/Xbox the best platform for INdie-Developers.