Update For VLC Submitted to the Windows Store; Fixes Startup Crash

VLC for Windows 8 was finally made available in the Windows Store, in beta form, just a few days ago.  The initial release contained a number of bugs including one that crash the app on startup.  An update to fix this issue along with improving the stability of the app has been submitted to the Windows Store.  President of VideoLan Jean-Baptise Kempf gave us an update on his blog:

After thfirst beta release a couple of days ago, a second build fixing the most important crashes has been submitted to the store, for certification.

It should notably fix the crash on start, on some machines, but other stability issues, on the music side too!

We’d like to thank the new contributors that helped.

It should appear automagically in a few hours on the store.

Next release, next week!

Hopefully these rapid updates continue. It appears VLC seems to have more than a 1000 users :p

Source: Jean-Baptise Kempf

  • http://www.wind8apps.com/ Radu Tyrsina

    It appears VLC seems to have more than a 1000 users :p – I don’t get the idea? Is VLC Firefox? 😐

    • FrankDeBoer

      He is refering to Mozilla cancelling Firefox for Windows 8 because they had only a few people using their bèta. 😛

      • http://www.wind8apps.com/ Radu Tyrsina

        i get it 😀

  • NegLewis

    Build a version for W7/…WXP users

    • thewags05

      There’s already a desktop apps that will work. They can’t build a modern apps for either windows XP or 7.