Update: VLC Team Re-submitting App to Windows Store “Soon”

An update late last night by VLC’s twitter account revealed they are re-submitting their app to the Window 8/8.1 Store “soon.”  It seems they are close to squashing whatever bugs that caused their app to be rejected last week.

VLC App Update

Now I believe the original plan was to get VLC working on full Windows 8 first and then WinRT due to some minor api differences.  Hopefully if the team is able to submit the app tomorrow we may be able to download the app within a week’s time.

Just a quick refresher on the timeline:

  • VLC asks for funding via Kickstarter in late November of 2012
  • By late December 2012 VLC has raised nearly $75,000
  • Update on 90% completion in early April 2012
  • Update on unforeseen challenges in early June 2012
  • Further updates in Oct & Dec 2013 of Audio Bug
  • Audio stack re-written in January 2014, UI revamped
  • Failed submission in Windows Store early February 2014

It is quite typical for software to be off-schedule.  But as we now over a year past the original kickstarter funding campaign people are starting to get antsy.  Many of the ambitious goals in the original project, support for DLNA, SmartGlass Integration, and more has been cancelled.  I will be keeping a close eye on VLC’s progress, stay tuned to Microsoft-News for the latest coverage.

Source: VideoLan 

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  • Tirinti

    Microsoft have to stop rejecting app, or there will never be as many app in WP store as in Google and Apple ones.
    VLC team should now request Microsoft to pay them to resubmit theyer app and publicly apologise.

    Windows is most popular desktop OS, because its apps aren’t censored the same was with Windows Mobile few years ago and now with Android.

    • http://twitter.com/surilamin surilamin

      Microsoft can’t be in a position where it gives special treatment to certain developers and not others. VLC’s app is getting rejected due to some of the technical decisions the team made, but they are working to get around them.

      • Tirinti

        But a lot of companies decides not to work on WP apps, because of stupid Microsoft rules.
        I’m .Net developer I was once hired to create WP7 app but it was rejected because it has “Exit” button and Microsoft said that the only way to exit app is to pres back button. Apple had no problem with Exit button so the app is only for Android and I got fired. Now I’m developing desktop applications and don’t want to go back to WP development because those stupid rules.

        • Cruncher

          Why did you even try to submit the app then? The rules are no secret.
          And why do you consider this rule stupid anyway? It is about uniformity of user experience.

  • Johnny

    There is a lot of confusion regarding “WinRT”. As far as I know, the VLC team doesn’t mean Windows RT when they use the term rather than WinRT, which stands for “Windows Runtime”. I’m worried that Surface (non pro) users will have to wait much longer before they get an ARM compatible port.

    • http://twitter.com/surilamin surilamin

      My understanding is you are correct. Surface Pro (and typical x86/x64) users will get the app first, and SurfaceRT users will get the app later.

    • Cruncher

      I dont know how WinRT and Windows RT can be mixed up. VLC Team was always referring to WinRT, they never mentioned Windows RT.
      Other than that, i assume you are absolutely right. Due to their decision going with gcc toolchain there is long way until we see an ARM version.

  • soder

    Aham… “soon”… OK..!
    I translate this to everybody: NO VLC FOR ANOTHER 5-6 MONTHS (exact value depends on the weather, orbit of Jupiter, and the mood of some random fish in the Atlantic ocean),