Updated Bing Dictionary App For Windows 8/RT Available Now

Bing Dictionary Windows 8 / Windows RT Metro app which is an English-Chinese bilingual has been recently released with some updated features. It boasts the support for both local and online English to Chinese bidirectional lookup. Interestingly, there are some nice features to look out for which include Smart Index-an auto-suggest for words with inflections, Search Suggestions-Quick-definitions to speed up your searching..


As per the official release, the improved dictionary comes with improved performance, bug fixes and a “Clear history” setting

bing dict 2

Now Install the App in your Laptop/Desktop/Tablet and Start learning Chinese!!

Source : Microsoft

  • disqustingtard

    Bing’s Chinese is all incorrect. Hell they can’t even write Bing properly 必應. The Bing team should stop using the chinaman for their Chinese development and should use Taiwan and Hong Kong resource.

    • Alex

      Do you mean “必应” is inproper? That’s Simplified Chinese, while “必應” is Traditional Chinese, both are correct.

      However, Bing’s Chinese development is done primarily in China, where use Simplified Chinese as official Chinese characters, so end up you see “必应”. As a user from Hong Kong, I prefer Traditional Chinese, but it would be better if Bing Dictionary can offer both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese translation.

      • disqustingtard

        No, only proper Chinese is correct, that simple stuff is from that fucktard Mao’s proclamation that Chinese are too stupid to learn their own language and is an insult to Chinese. In any case correct Chinese should always be used as it can be downgraded for the chinaman.