New Updated Hotmail Rolling Out To More Users

new hotmail flags

Last month Microsoft Hotmail announced a bunch of new features targeting power users. The update is now rolling out to more number of users. You can just login to Hotmail Web interface and check whether you got the new Hotmail or not. One of the interesting feature coming with this update is the new flagging system.

Hotmail has made a simple and elegant change to the way flags work. Now when you flag an email, three things happen:


  • It immediately moves to the top of your Inbox
  • It is marked as flagged, just like before
  • It shows up in the Flagged Quick View, just like before
You can read what’s new in the Hotmail here.
Thanks to Vinod for the tip.
  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    I got it! it Works nice. but i only got it on maxthon. not on IE! but im using IE10.. i would have to go to win7 to see if i get it there. hopefully i do, since i wont use maxthon for using hotmail. I like using IE

  • June

    This is stupid – I don’t necessarily want ALL my flagged emails at the top
    of my Inbox. I just want to see the flags, and now I can’t do that, except
    as an “Instant Action”. Plus, the flags aren’t as bright red any more,they’re
    sort of a muted pink-red.

    A big thumbs-down for this so-called improvement.

    • Christopher Soriano

      Umm… then simply go to Options > Flagging and disable the “move to top” feature. Aren’t options great?

      • June

        Yes, I’ve done that. What I dislike is that there is no way to disable the X (for Delete) and the envelope (for Read) that
        appear whenever your cursor is over an email. That little
        nicety is NOT an option – unless you disable flagging as well.

        A small matter, to be sure – but I find it annoying.
        And I can’t make them go away, without losing flagging
        along with them.

        Why couldn’t they have just the optional feature of flagged
        email on top, without the extra eye-candy? 

        Yes, options are great – IF you’re given them.

        • Emi Cyberschreiber

          you can make them go away….

          go to Options —–> instant actions.

          in fact in the email they send you you can Access the link which takes you there. and then  ou can customize the way you want. or you can remove them at all.

          “Show instant actions
          ” uncheck that and… thats it…

          • June

            Yes, I’ve tried that – but when I uncheck Instant Actions, it also disables flagging.

            I have Instant Action unchecked now, and if I mark a message as Flagged, well – there’s no flag, lol. I’ve tried flagging it from the message header in my Inbox, and from the actual opened email. No joy. Maybe because I’m usimg Firefox?? I haven’t tried it in IE (which I never use).

            It’s not a huge deal, I can live with it – I just
            preferred it the previous way.

            Thanks for trying to help. :)

          • Emi Cyberschreiber

            well thats the thing then. you go to instant actions. (i thought you wanted to remove everything). but you can customize everything, which buttons you want when you hover, or if you want them permanently.

            it says “Show on mouse over
            ” so you put icons there and they are active when you hover your mouse. and if you want them permanently put icons on “Show always

            you can move ítems by “Move up” “Move down”

            if you dont want a button. you select it and you “Remove from list”.

            of course if you want to add an ítem you “add item”

            so only select the ones like the read one on show when mouse is over. and delete and end!

          • June


            That did it – thank you so much!

            I thought that Remove From List would disable the action altogether, but apparently it just removes the action from the new thingie.

            So I did what you said (removed Read and Delete from the list) then I tried marking a message as Read from my Inbox itself, and it worked. And Delete also worked. And no more ridiculous hovering Xs or envelopes.

            Thank you so much!

            I feel much better now. 😉

  • Drzdra

    Oh Microsoft, there are just TWO wishes: Sync TASK´s and contact images with outlook and with my WP7. Thats ALLLLLLLL I need, but I can´t get it. WHY ?

  • user1

    somehow my IE9 stopped working right after this hotmail update.. anyone with the same problem? 

    • user1

      sorry, i meant the hotmail webpage, doesn’t work  in my IE9.
      works fine in firefox.

  • Chhhs

    I hate it make the x and envelope go away !

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      you can do that…. thats customizable.

  • Jay Rover

    I agree it is stupid now i can’t even access my flagged items although it is indicating that i have 14 flagged items which i do have. this is a real f—up