Upgrade Debacle: First Generation Nokia X Series Devices Won’t Receive Nokia X Software Platform 2.0 Update


Microsoft yesterday announced the new Nokia X2 Android based device which comes with enhanced specs compared to the first generation Nokia X, with a larger 4.3” ClearBlack display, 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon 200 processor, 1GB of RAM, 5MP camera and a 1800mAh battery. The other significant news is the release of Nokia X software platform 2.0 along with Nokia X2. The latest software platform release includes the following improvements,

  • The home screen experience has really evolved with extra room for additional tiles;
  •  There’s also the new home button; you can long-press the back button for easier multitasking;
  •  The new apps list view;
  • Fastlane has gotten richer, with more app detail exposed.
  • The new camera UI
  • Improvements in the control panel and more.

The bad news is that this software update won’t be made available for first gen Nokia X devices like Nokia X, X+ and XL. This is again the WP7 story repeated. While the first gen Nokia X devices has just started the sales in many of the emerging markets, it is already out of date to receive the next software platform update. In fact the devices are just 4 months old!

“Because of the necessary hardware upgrades, the Nokia X software platform 2.0 won’t be available on Nokia X, Nokia X+ or Nokia XL. However, more updates will be coming to further improve the experience of those devices in the coming months.”

Sad to see Microsoft/Nokia are repeating their mistake again after the WP7/WP8 platform reset.

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  • http://yourig.livejournal.com/ ZloiYuri

    They will never learn. I’m sure – the same situation soon will wait all 512 Mb ram Lumias.

    • Orc

      Since they have spent huge resources to make 8.1 to need less RAM, why should they make later updates that needs more RAM.

      • http://yourig.livejournal.com/ ZloiYuri

        8 were early but stable beta. In fact it were promise we’ve bought. But to keep this “promise” we had to wait 2 (!!!) years. And once more – they said about 8.1 update long time ago. And quiet now about 8.2. Absolutely the same as they did before 7.8 kick.

        • Orc

          And Apple is quiet on iOS9, and Google is quiet on Android 6.0.

  • Michael Fernandez

    Im being wicked… but frankly Im glad… I would rather see this X business end… and MS rather divert all its resources on Windows + WindowsPhone + Wearables to jump ahead of Android and iOS… in every aspect… instead of playing catch-up

    • http://yourig.livejournal.com/ ZloiYuri

      I would be glad too if this weird experiment will end, but not this way. Everything they doing with this “X” project maybe increases quantity of sold bricks, but ruining MS reputation, it’s not so high at all and they doing everything to make it even worst. Hey, Microsoft, enterprise sector will not save you! Wake up and find BYOD definition.

      • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

        That’s true, people will now expect any Microsoft device they’ll buy to become incompatible with the next, this was a major failure on their own part…

        • http://yourig.livejournal.com/ ZloiYuri

          I know a lot of examples when people switched from WP to others due to 7.8 support drop. Paid trolls shouting crap about some cores and old hardware. Ok, some people believed them and bought 8 devices. Promise 8.1 will come to all 8 existing devices done well to adopt WP. What’s now? Now I remember – 8.1 promised a long time ago and many times. But now… Do you remember evn once they said about 8.2 will come to 8.1 devices? Not even once. After that “X” fail I think only 4 core devices with 1 and more Gb ram devices will update.

          • Orc

            They have not even released 8.1 to 8.0 devices. Maybe we should receive that before we worry about 8.2.

          • http://yourig.livejournal.com/ ZloiYuri

            Maybe we have to worry BEFORE buy any WP device? Since WP7.8 kickass I bought not WP, I bought Nokias.

          • Orc

            Bought a WP8, and its getting 8.1. No worries here.

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    This happened with Windows Mobile 6.5.5 -> Windows Mobile 7 (the WIndows Phone 7 Series) and it cost them a lot of consumers, but then again if it happens with their Lagdroid devices I wouldn’t find it as bad, but there is still the question of Asha now, Microsoft should make Windows Phone for lower end devices, and bring Windows Embedded to even cheaper devices starting at € 15,- now that would boost Windows Sales. :-0 😀

  • FourTonMantis

    This is not the same as WP7, because Nokia X will continue to be able to run the same apps, which will be available for X2, which was not the case with WP7. The biggest problem there is that WP8 apps are not compatible with WP7.

    • http://yourig.livejournal.com/ ZloiYuri

      It’s absolutely the same. They just kicked consumer’s ass again as before. No trust to them anymore.

      • Krinos

        They are two different products in two very different markets (emerging vs developed) at two different price points (extreme low end vs flagship) sold to different customer types (PAYG vs contracted) with different use cases (little or no data availability vs high data availability). How is it the same exactly?
        Even if someone in one of the markets where the Nokia X is doing well (e.g. Nigeria) did have an update available how on earth would they get the data availability to download several hundred megabytes of data just for a marginal improvement in their phone’s software? How would it be worth it to such a user?

        • http://yourig.livejournal.com/ ZloiYuri

          Dude, where are you live??? In distant isolated sphere? It’s a real world, enough that crap. The same phones people can buy for much less money or full-featured and updating devices on Android fo the same price. Problem is – reputation. We heard enough from MS paid trolls, it’s a crap. If you are newcomer in market – do the best or get off. Nokia&Microsoft forot their REAL market share, but acts as they only ones.People not such idiots as you think and will not buy such devices. Only if they are agree to use them as is without any future updates and fixes.

          • phoenix0_4

            Really? You buy a phone because a company promises to do updates?
            I know many people who buy a phone and never update it, even if possible. I think most people aren’t interested in future updates but in working devices at that time they buy it. I still use my WP7-phone, it still works great. :)
            Don’t get me wrong: updating devices is good and techies love it, but in my opinion the average phone-user is not interested in updates or specs as long the phone works. (Just look at the average PC-user: never change a running system ;))

          • Orc

            If you wants updates you avoid android. Its that simple.

      • FourTonMantis

        The problem with WP7 was all about the apps – there are too few apps for it and most wanted apps came only for WP8.
        Nokia X & X2 don’t suffer from this problem at all, so its not the same.

  • Fingercurse

    Seems to me that most inexpensive Android devices, in general, are basically disposables. That is, they don’t seem to have any value generation to generation anyway.

  • Rikkirik

    The WP7 debacle did not really have an impact on WP sales. The Nokia X seems to be selling pretty well according to Microsoft. Just like WP7, with the Nokia X, you can better break with first generation smartphone software technology in the early stages of product launches than in a later generation when the adoption by consumers is widespread. I do not think that the Nokia X is an experiment no more, because of it being well received in the emerging markets. It seems like the Nokia X is here to stay. The question is if there is fragmentation in the ecosystem, can the Nokia X run WP store apps or not?? Can someone answer this question??

    • CyberAngel

      Nokia X can not run WP8 xap nor Universal appx. Not even after the Next Windows (8.2 or perhaps 9.0). Any Android app can run on the Nokia X after the eco-system switch from the Developer = removing Scroogled system. Yet still it’s forket Android Dalvik VM

  • Krinos

    Considering some of the markets where MS has reported the Nokia X reaching top selling smartphone status (Pakistan, Russia, Kenya, Nigeria) updates may simply not be part of the business plan. If they’re being sold as direct replacements for feature phones they may be sold on a similar ‘sell and forget’ basis, where the customer updating the phone themselves may be cumbersome and/or almost impossible due to limited internet access.

    We keep looking at these devices intended for developing markets with our developed market sensibilities – it’s unreasonable to place our expectations (such as frequent phone updates) onto markets that simply don’t have the same needs.

  • Capedonut

    The biggest change is obviously the new home button, aside from the pumped up specs, so it is hardly surprising that the old phones won’t recieve the 2.0 updates. That said, I think they should’ve thought this through before releasing the first revision

    • CyberAngel

      They will receive the 1.5 though…

  • Tips_y

    I was with Android since Éclair days and I don’t ever recall cheap Android phones receiving updates to the latest and greatest iteration of the Android OS. And the Nokia X series cannot be called, by any stretch of the imagination, a high-end series. It belongs squarely in the cheap Android category. So I guess you can call this typical of Android upgrade path and Microsoft is just following the common accepted practice.

    But since I’ve stopped using Android, I really don’t care at all.

    AND, as long as Microsoft does not do the same thing to the WP8 series, this will not have any effect on that OS at all.

  • NGM123

    Welcome to Android

    • jwright

      Yup. I had a Droid and Optimus before switching to WP7, never received an update for either.
      Bought three HTC HD7 phones when they first came out and received all updates through 7.8 … jumped to WP8 last year and have received all of the updates so far and am looking forward to 8.1.
      Still have the Optimums … not a single update.

      • BIllyBall

        Did you get the 7.8 to 8.0 update?

        Oh ya, there was none :(

  • counterblow

    I have a feeling the X line is selling poorly. X2 only came out because it was already in the pipeline when MS bought them. There will be no X3 line.

  • CX1

    Microsoft also screwed over people that bought WM 6.5 that couldn’t update to WP7. Good thing for XDA.

    • TheCat123

      …no one was screwed since WM6.5 and WP7 are completely different OS systems. One has to make a cut from time to time…

  • mrdoubleb78

    What these “X” phones really need is an upgrade to WP 8.1 :)

  • tomakali

    there are a considerable % of people who dont care about launchers/roms etc apart from stock android. For those… Nokia X platform will be a great SHIFT device to upgrade to WP in the future.

    People cant believe Android – Google can Exist
    Nokia X proves that…

  • xma1e

    They are disposable phones, what do you expect? Those that can’t afford a real smartphone are not bothered about the latest and greatest like we are.

  • kalo88

    The Nokia X line of phones are such a joke… Here we go, lets create a completely NEW OS that looks identical to one that already exists in the hope they’ll then go buy a windows phone? However you want to spin it, it makes absolutely no sense what so ever! Why didnt they just push windows phone more :S

  • anupam

    I will never suggest to any one in future to by any mobile phone manufactured by nokia or Microsoft
    they all are cheating with those people who have purchased nokia x or xl because 2.0 updates will never come for above phone and all the phonea are good for nothing