US Court Refuses To Hear MiniFrame Ltd.’s $1 Billion Antitrust Suit Against Microsoft

Israel basedd software company MiniFrame Ltd. sued Microsoft in New York, claiming that Microsoft used its monopoly in the operating systems market to pressure potential clients not to buy MiniFrame’s PC-sharing software.

MiniFrame’s PC-sharing software allows multiple users to access the same computer operating system from multiple locations, using only a monitor, keyboard and mouse, which the company said did not violate the terms of Microsoft’s original use licensing agreements. Those licenses only barred multiple computers from accessing the same Windows system, according to MiniFrame.

But in 2007, recognizing the competitive threat that such software introduced, Microsoft added new terms to its licensing deals that restricted the use of its operating systems to a single user, MiniFrame’s complaint alleges. There was no technological reason behind this change, according to MiniFrame.

“Microsoft’s ability to maintain its monopoly in the server operating system market against the competing PC-sharing software (e.g., MiniFrame’s SoftXpand product) is due purely to Microsoft’s anti-competitive conduct, and not due to any business acumen, merit or technological superiority,” the complaint said

Back in December last year,  US court  dismissed the case of the MiniFrame against Microsoft. MiniFrame applied again to the court to reconsider its decision. On Thursday, District court refused to reconsider its decision affirming the dismissal of MiniFrame Ltd.’s $1 billion antitrust suit against Microsoft Corp. on the grounds that the Israeli PC-sharing software company failed to show that Microsoft’s Windows licensing rules constituted anti-competitive conduct.

Read more about it here and here.

  • kevin

    Finally a judicial system I trust.

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    ¿and when is Scroogle getting justice? never, I’m glad to see that Microsoft gets a court case dismissed like ”the darlings of tech” (Scroogle and Crapple) get all the freakin’ time.

    • Guest

      A victim mentality is neither productive nor conducive to a happy life. It does not serving you well.

  • Ben A


  • SA Consumer Cape Town

    Riiiiiight…. it’s plain & clear Microsoft doesn’t like other players in a arena that it can fill. Shame on Microsoft for ‘shutting the door’ and then what audacity to market a similar product! PS: No difference between Zuckerberg ‘stealing’ his mates idea taking it all 4 himselfandthis .
    WIn 8 SUCKS; MS knows it’t that’s why rumour has it win 9 is due soon? Who pays for their ‘crappier’ OS’s? Me & mils of other consumers. Maybe we should just keep old dependables like XP/7 Pro alive forever? Hack the cra_ out of it if it comes to it to do so?