Verizon Officially Announces Nokia Lumia 2520 For $399.99, Available From Nov 21st

Nokia Lumia 2520 Red

Verizon today officially announced the availability of Nokia Lumia 2520 from Nov 21st. Lumia 2520 will be available online and in select stores starting Nov. 21 for $499.99. For a limited time, customers can get the Lumia 2520 for $399.99 when purchasing with a new two-year activation. Customers can add the tablet to their Share Everything account for $10 per month.

Only the Black color model will be available in stores, and if you want the red one, you should order online. Verizon website will have both Black and Red color models.

When thinking about the “PC experience,” desktops and laptops are what usually come to mind. But the Lumia 2520 comes with Windows RT 8.1, so it combines the functionality of a PC – such as having Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student and Outlook RT – with the mobility of a tablet. The device also features 4G LTE connectivity, which is available in more than 500 markets, so users can spend less time looking for Wi-Fi and more time getting stuff done whether in the classroom, while traveling or playing around with the latest apps

Source: Verizon

  • davidpratthk

    The 2520 and RT becomes irrelevant with the launch of Bay Trail and the likes of it’s equipment like the ASUS T100 where you can run full blown windows AND get a keyboard AND get a mate-able HDD for the same price- which is what any normal person wants. The dumb*** who thought up RT should be canned.– or maybe he has already — Steve?

  •  07thking

    Ohh looks sooo nice!