Video: Microsoft Highlights New Windows 8 Devices Announced At CES

Annual Consumer Electronics Show kicks off officially tomorrow in Las Vegas with pre-show keynote delivered by Qualcomm yesterday. Even though Microsoft decided not to be part of the show, its partners like Intel, Qualcomm and other PC OEMs are there in the show. No.of new Windows based devices are being showcased by PC OEMs like Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, etc,. Microsoft today blogged about some of them. Watch the highlights of the new PCs in the video above and read more about them in the source link below.


Source: Windows Team Blog

  • Breakingillusions

    impressive they are starting their ads even before releasing the devices into the market

    good job Micorosoft

  • just

    I like all of them, but I want the Lenovo Helix, nice hybrid tablet.

  • ustudio

    love that helix and the 27 incher, would get em both.

  • Brian Chau

    Love the Lenovo 27″ table top tablet. Every household should have one. It is a shame that there wasn’t much press coverage for it.

  • NegLewis

    A tablet is super, laptop + display touch is great, but a (Slim) desktop + display touch is extraordinary.

    Where are Touch Monitors? I can’t find any. Only Slim Desktops “All in Ones” (witch are great) but expensive…

  • koenshaku

    The transformer book uses a stylus right?