Video: Microsoft Surface Chief Panos Panay Talks About New Surface Devices, Funny Team Secret And More

Microsoft corporate vice president Panos Panay discusses about the upcoming Surface series 2 devices and more with Steve Clayton, Microsoft’s Storyteller. He talks about the journey of how Surface team started working, the highly talented people at Redmond, both Surface and other Microsoft services team working together, etc,. He described his whole journey as an emotional roller coaster ride.

Watch the above video to know it all.

  • Mark

    I like Panos, he’s is a down to earth guy. His presentation had much less of the hyperbole than from Apple, Google, Samsung.

    • Guest

      Writing off nearly a billion dollars tends to ground people.

      • arrow2010

        Panos looks shell shocked. The market utterly rejected his “precious”.

        • Basil Irwin

          Still trolling, huh?

        • José Villaró

          Why don’t just roll up in a dark corner and die?

      • DKJr

        I might not like this comment but it’s absolutely true, humbling and ultimately hilarious! Good one!

    • Yuan Taizong

      That is true, but most unfortunately the masses go for great exciting presentations and fanfare, Microsoft’s people maybe more professional, but it’s all about the marketing, you need to be and sound excited about your products when you sell them, this is why Steve Ballmer’s Windows commercials are so awesome, he’s probably the only businessman that could scream loudly and aggressively at you and make(s) you want him more.

      • Bugbog

        I found he was able to combine both!

        He was factual, without hyperbole, yet, able to convey pride in the quality of the product that they have produced.