VideoLan looking for £40,000 to help port VLC Media Player to Windows 8 Metro

VideoLan is looking to raise £40,000 to port their popular VLC Media Player to Windows 8 Metro. The money is to help deliver a polished product that will work both on Windows 8 and the ARM-based Windows RT.

As expected the team are aiming for wide codec support, DVD playback where applicable and the ability to play network streams. Ultimately all the code will be made open-source if possible.

The kickstarter has already raised £12,588, and has 21 days to run. Contributors will have their name listed somewhere in the app.

Read more at the KickStarter page here.

Thanks Kristian for the tip.

  • GG002

    Ah, bugger… Can’t use Paypal. Sorry VLC, blame Kickstarter.

  • Psyllo

    you guys already made a post about it a week ago but its good reminder for those who missed it

  • aemond

    Just backed them… Never been a big VLC user, but I think that such a great video player should be available on Windows 8 and especially Windows RT with a great “Modern UI”. Support Surface: please help them as well! :)

  • arrow2010

    If these kind of apps need Kickstarter programs then WinRT is DOA.

  • Bnaut

    Can’t understand why MS just don’t pay them the whole sum to get in done quickly. 40 ,000£, really? That is peanuts.

  • sadiq

    Backed !.Let the news be heard by large mass and commit more money.Its not only about VLC for windows rt, they are essentialy developing tool chains that can be forked and myriadly useful for porting many open source softwares !