VirnetX Sues Microsoft Again, Now For Skype Related Patents


VirnetX, a company which uses IP to license to other companies has already won a $200 million patent settlement from Microsoft in 2010.  Yesterday, VirnetX filed another suit against Microsoft in the East Texas judicial district.

This new lawsuit is related to six patents that are alleged to cover Skype, Lync, and other instant-messaging platform. Last time Microsoft settled the litigation for $200 million after the jury awarded a fine of $105.7 million.

VirnetX now notes that the license “was explicitly limited in scope, and Microsoft is not licensed to practice VirnetX’s technology in certain excluded ways, particularly across non-Windows platforms.”

Microsoft is yet to comment on this issue.

Source: VirnetX via: Ars

  • Bugbog

    Double-dipping! (Hopefully will be rejected).

  • MSFTmanJosh

    Jeez, these patent trolls love showing up after they know MS has made huge profits. Someone needs to squash these trolls.

  • Justathought-

    Ummm, they settled for $200M after the jury awarded $106M? Was the person that signed that check immediately fired?

  • Alex

    This same company got $368 million from Apple last November over a VPN patent.