Vizio Finally Updates Its 15.6-inch Thin + Light Machine With Intel Haswell CPU And Iris Pro Graphics

Vizio Thin and Light

Vizio has finally updated their 15.6-inch Thin + Light machine with latest internals. The device is now powered by quad-core Intel Core i7 processors, 1080p touchscreens, 802.11ac WiFi and Intel’s Iris Pro graphics. Vizio has also refreshed its 24-inch All-in-One machine with similar internals as well. Externally, they are basically same machines. The clean metallic body,¬†closely arranged keyboard with button less trackpads. Expect them in market soon with similar price tag as previous models.

  • Simon Paul

    I love the look of these machines, but did they fix the track pad issue? If you read the reviews of their thin ultrabook its plagued with horrible track pad issues.