VLC for Windows 8 Metro at 90% of target, gives details on development challenges and benefits


The Videolan team have posted an update on their KickStarter page after their fundraiser hit 90% of their £40,000 target with 7 days still to go.

Standing at £36,615 at the time of writing, the team explained their plan to port VLC from Windows 8 Desktop to Windows 8 Metro, needed because the Windows ecosystem was moving in that direction, required portions of their code to be rewritten to meet Windows Metro ideals of responsiveness and the ability to wake and sleep as needed. Because VLC is an open source project the code will be re-usable by other projects making the same jump.

VLC developer Geoffroy Couprie writes:

Why am I excited to work on this port? This KickStarter will give us the opportunity to work full time on WinRT for a few months, and solve all these challenges for us, but also for other open source projects. We already know how to create a compatibility layer for different operating systems, so we will be able to build one for WinRT. We could also come up with guidelines on using free software toolchains to build WinRT applications.

Read the update at KickStarter here and donate generously.

  • CX1

    Can’t wait. I think MS should kick in the last 3k.

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      lol why? if idiots would do it anyway within 7 days.

      • arrow2010

        VLC is an important app for the platform.

      • CX1

        Supporting a dev of a product you use makes you and idiot? Brilliant logic.

    • Breakingillusions

      they are supporting them in hardware – design and technical help but they can’t supporting them in money for legal reasons i think

  • arrow2010

    I just gave $24.

  • One

    Why do they need money to develop a software??

    • José Villaró

      Programmers eat too

      • http://twitter.com/Pieter_Kroon Pieter Kroon

        Really? I thought they just programmed and that was it… you can learn something everyday!

        • José Villaró

          And they poop! It’s a vicious circle!

  • Windows 8

    VLC would be a good media player but what about the KM Player and others which are also good?
    They should also start their development now.. !! before its too late and they are left out of the popular players..

  • arrow2010

    They’ll definitely hit 100% of target in a week.