VLC for Windows 8 Metro KickStarter 70% to target, posts mock-ups


The VLC team have not been very forthcoming with updates, but they have now finally posted some new information, in the form of mock-ups of their Windows 8 Metro client.

They noted that they are 70% to their target with 10 days to go, which is on track, but they of course still need your donations to actually make it.

They also confirmed that after some work they now know their 3 month development time scale is realistic, meaning they should be able to deliver the app in April 2013. They are of course also still planning a Windows Phone 8 version of the app.

Read the update and donate at KickStarter here.

  • ErikPienknagura

    I Really dont see the benefits of this….

    • TheOne-RajaBabu

      MKV….enough said

    • Manu

      VLC is a terrific media player that supports many codecs and formats. The Windows 8 Video app has a nice UI but terrible codec support.
      Also, why does their mockup show an Android tab?

      • ErikPienknagura

        Well i use K lite codec Pack, there are lots of codecs included MKV and it links it to WMPlayer, for me better

        • Alex F.

          You can’t install codecs on Windows RT or Windows Phone.

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      I know xD its so bad player in desktop. i use potplayer which is really so much better. i dont really know why people get crazy about this player, i have lived all my life without it. and other players will come next year. but to each its own i guess lol

      • Bruce

        You only realize how good VLC is when you need an efficient player to play videos on not-so-good hardware. Most players aren’t good managing limited resources.

    • Bruce

      VLC on WP8.

  • GG002

    WTH’s up with the Android-soft buttons in their mock up image! Could at least have had a Windows-logo on the tablet!

  • MissingMatter

    They need to look up Windows 8 UI guidelines. “Settings” and “Search” are taken care of by charms… no need to clutter up the interface with separate buttons for that.

  • Rick Villafuerte Gonzales

    OMG looks so so f…g awesome!! I want it!

  • NegLewis

    IF VLC wants my money then why they don’t just take it?
    Create a simple $0.99 App that STATES VERY CLEAR that the updates/Beta Test Apps will come first for them (1 month early than General Public).

    I would buy it. A VLC (donation) App.

    It’s not necessary to be a real app just yet – I’ll wait. I trust them.

    • Bruce

      VLC is a free software and that isn’t going to change but they need the money because they’re supposedly going to work full time on this project and hire designers. You realize that people need money to live, right.

  • Alex F.