VLC for Windows 8 Metro still needs $22,000 on KickStarter, donate now


Donations are rolling in for VLC for Windows 8 Metro, with the collection gaining more than £6,000 in the last 5 days.

That may still leave the open source team, which are planning to create apps for Windows 8 x86, Windows RT and eventually Windows Phone 8 still short of their £40,000 ($64,000) target.

Microsoft has already pledged support in the form of hardware, technical and design help, but for the finances the team are relying on the eventually users, that being us.

Show your support and be listed as a contributor in the app, by making a small donation at Kickstarter UK here (they take $ as easy as £).

  • freeiam

    beggars .. beggars..

    • Arag0n

      It’s a different way to finance your projects. Instead of asking money for selling it, you just pledge for the money you think you need.

    • MikeTheYid

      Software development costs money and this is the only way it can funded, by donations.

  • Leaveitbe

    Software development doesn’t cost 40 thousand, back in the day people would develop software on a thousand dollar machine using notepad. Scam

  • Jason

    Well, I sent a few bucks their way.