VLC For Windows 8 Modern UI Screenshots Revealed

VLC Player Windows 8 SCREENSHOT

Videolan team today provided their update on the progress on development of VLC For Windows 8 Modern UI. There is a working version of the app now and they even released few screenshots of the same.

Technical update If you followed closely, our main work, in addition to the UI, was to fight and replace the forbidden symbols not allowed on Windows App Store mode.

We’ve been quite efficient at that, working closely with Mingw-w64 project and GCC developers.

The biggest result is that we have now cut down 90% of our symbols, that are forbidden on Metro Mode.

We mostly did this by:

  • replacing our forbidden calls with newer authorized equivalent calls,
  • modifying gcc and Mingw-w64,
  • writing new code in a special library of ours,
  • writing dummy functions,
  • disabling VLC code that would not work on the Metro platform,
  • moving VLC to MSVCRT 11.0, moving all the VLC codebase to UNICODE and WideChars to fit the new requirements.

We did also a lot of minor things to help the integration of libVLC and VLC in this modern platform.

What are we working on now:

We are now mainly working on 2 things:

  • make VLC work with MSVCRT 11.0 without crashing
  • write headers and C/C++ code to access the new fashion of COM APIs in which WinRT is written in.

Source: Kickstarter

  • just

    That looks nice! I can’t wait to have that on my WP8

  • Davey

    Jeez… Is WinRT THAT different?! What a mission…

  • PoohGQ

    I’m surprised that it took them this long.to get this on Metro.. Metro Media Player works just fine on my Surface RT, except that it doesn’t support MKV files..

  • MrNavKhan

    when available for window phone 8


    What’s with the brown GRADIENT background? Is that VLC’s idea of ‘Metro’?????!