VLC Metro App Inches Closer To Completion (Screenshots)

You may recall some months back we reported on VLC’s kickstarter to raise $75,000 in an effort to create a free Metro Win8 App.  The project has been behind schedule and we reported on their progress in June.  In October the team finally got the video portion of the app working, but not the audio. VLC’s President Jean-Baptiste Kempf released a statement to Neowin today:

We have video (correct one), audio, support for all files formats without our old trick (sending it on a local network), network streaming playback, and subtitles. All that with passing the WACK (technical certification). We have submitted it already (and got rejected, because of a crash). We
will try to get around this nasty bug (race condition) and resubmit (this week? the next?)

The WinRT app may take more time before it is released:

“We’re working hard on it, since we don’t have (yet) a fully working compiler, but that (is) the next task and should come in the following weeks hopefully.” The port from Windows RT to Windows Phone 8 will be next and he says it will be a simple task, “since it is mostly a UI modification.”

Kemp also released some screenshots, but added this qualifier:

“The UI is very simple, since we focused on managing to port VLC to the  platform, which has proven hard and tedious. As soon as the first version is out, we’ll welcome help from other developers on those parts.”






Source: Neowin

  • Davey

    It is disturbing that this has been so difficult. MS really needs to review this VLC project and it’s struggles in order to make the WINRT environment A TON easier to develop for!

    • eolirin

      The VLC team is not developing their application in a way that MS supports; they’re using C code and existing libraries that they’re compiling on Linux where there is an expectation of C++ and Visual Studio compiling on a windows machine. They’ve had to do a lot of work to get their toolchain to play nice, and as a result it’s been a lot harder than developing a WinRT app from scratch would normally be. WinRT isn’t particularly difficult to develop for if you’re not trying to do what the VLC team has been trying to do.

      • Davey

        Cheers for that. So what you’re saying is that they want to use the same code to automatically compile for all platforms at once?
        It would be interesting to see how quickly, and whether or not, they could port it using Microsoft’s tools. Just curious.

    • http://twitter.com/surilamin surilamin

      They’re not writing their application from scratch but rather trying to port it, along with maintaining a code base for their cross-platform apps. There are a couple of other video apps in the windows store. So really this situation is unique to VLC.

    • Emi the Strange

      I hope with so many posts answering your ignorance you would understand WinRT has nothing to do with VLC taking ages to complete and writing an app from scratch is easier than the kind of port VLC wanted… which in my opinion is a waste of time.
      havent you seen there are already tons of video apps in store? yeah some are paid, but they exist and some Im sure would be better than VLC.
      its the mistake of VLC team the one complicating things, not WinRT.

      • Davey

        Wow… Err… Thanks Emi, for helping me out with my Neanderthal ignorance.
        Question… Do any of the Video apps in the Windows marketplace play MKV files?

  • jo bee

    Note also that the VLC team has been rewriting the foundation of the application to be as cross platform as possible – looking not only for desktop but also mobile paradigm.
    This effort -forced by a change of mindset @ Microsoft – force the developers also to review the way of coding hence looking at the future rather than mending codes with lots of issues, bugs and security flaws.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    That spider (>_<)

    • Emi the Strange

      its beautiful I know <3 I have one of those around my yard, sometimes in my house. i would bring it and put it in your dish if you were eating so you can see it while you eat your food.