VLC Player Coming To Windows Store On Monday, Subtitles Support May Be Missing At Launch


VideoLAN has today confirmed via Twitter that they are planning to release VLC Player in Windows Store on Monday(03/10/2014). After an initial wave of enthusiasm in a successful kickstarter campaign the team has faced setback after setback. The VLC decided to take an unorthodox approach in developing their Win8/WinRT app which would allow them to maintain much of their old code base. After multiple rejections in Windows Store, good to hear that it has finally passed the certifications. Also, the player is still a work in progress and don’t expect all the features in the version that is coming on Monday.

Features of the v1 of this app coming on Monday,

• Support for the entire music and video library.
• Supports full touch.
• Support Snap View.
• advice on songs and artists while listening to Spotify in style.
• Ability to evaluate the tracks and put them in your favorites.
• Compatible with external devices, such as HDD and USB flash drives.
• Support for all formats of VLC classics, including MKV and FLAC.
• Support for streaming.

Features coming soon and will be absent in this first version,

• Videos can only be classified in alphabetical order.
• Subtitles and audio tracks in the video are not supported
• New algorithms for classifying video and music in an intelligent way (same genre, same TV series)

via: Windowsblogitalia

  • Davey

    I’ll just be happy to be playing .mkv.

  • Drewidian

    Hopefully those of us who were kickstarter supporters get it free if there is a paid version, and I really want this to come to WP and XBox One so I can access the videos on my server and NAS.

    • Stuart

      The whole idea is that it will be free for everyone

  • WinMetro

    At least its going to be out on Monday since I can’t fucking wait anymore. It looks like the VLC team has been on some weed since they fucking released a iOS version before releasing the Windows 8 app that they robbed 47,056 pounds from the supporters like me to develop for! I hope it’s worth the wait, that’s all I’ll fucking say now.

    • Michael Alan Goff

      Robbed you? That’s what you’re going with? You helped to fund a product without a definite release date. You’re also complaining that they were able to release an iOS version first as though there’s only one group of people making VLC. The iOS team doesn’t make the Windows 8 version.

      • big_Stefano

        They had a release date. For those that were interested in the Kickstarter project from the beginning, you would know that their intended deadline was April 2013.
        We’ve waited long enough already.

        • Michael Alan Goff

          That was an intended release target, not a ‘carved in stone’ sort of deadline. There is a difference.

  • http://www.facebook.com/suren2306 Surendar

    When will VLC come to WP ?

  • Jakob

    This is going to be Amazing :-) No other app on the windows store except the overpriced Powerdvd player can handle the stuff that vlc can.

  • soder

    As its already Tuesday already (and there is not trace of VLC app in Windows store), its safe to say the VLC team lied to everybody again.