VLC Player For Windows 8 Devices Screenshots Reveal New Zune Like UI


VLC Windows 8 app 1
You may recall some months back we reported on VLC’s kickstarter to raise $75,000 in an effort to create a free Metro Win8 App. The project has been behind schedule and we reported on their progress in June. In October the team finally got the video portion of the app working, but not the audio. Later they finished the audio implementation and submitted it for certification from Microsoft. Unfortunately, it was rejected by Microsoft due to audio crashing issue. VideoLan team is now working on to fix the audio related issue and they are expected to re-submit the app sometime next week.

Mean while, VideoLAN President Jean-Baptiste Kempf sent these screenshots to Neowin to show off their new UI they have been working on in the past weeks. As you can see, the UI looks almost similar to Zune Desktop.

Zune Desktop UI
Zune Desktop UI

One more screenshot from VLC,

VLC Windows 8 app 2

Source: Neowin

  • Adrian Remus

    Damn, looks awesome!

    • Emi the Strange

      so, 2 screenshots that doesnt show anything special make you think that?
      you get impressed by anything….
      honestly it doesnt look interesting and there are already players that will do what VLC tries to do after months of months of months of porting.
      But well… I dont even use VLC in my desktop because it sucks compared to other players.
      and I never felt I liked much using Zune with Windows Phone when I had it… so seeing VLC making a cheap copy of Zune, its just sad

      • Herb_Eaversmells

        The 2 screenshots show a preview for the UI, that’s why he’s saying it looks awesome. How hard is that to comprehend? Who cares if you don’t like it, if he finds it interesting it shouldn’t bother you in the least but since it does that’s just sad.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Xbox Music and Xbox Video could learn from these improvements.

    • observer2121

      Xbox Music and Xbox Video could learn from Zune.

  • tropolite

    Looking forward to it.

    • Tips_y

      So am I! Hope the one for WP arrives right after this!

  • http://yourig.livejournal.com/ ZloiYuri

    Awesome, yes. But where promised WP8 version?????? It’s much more needed. And wait… They got money on Kickstarter for implementation… And where is it? Frauds!

    • Frederick Edwards

      They said it would be released shortly after. If you had supported the initiative you’d be getting kickstarter donor letters telling you that.

      • http://yourig.livejournal.com/ ZloiYuri

        Key word in this case – MoliPlayer. It successfully works on my Lumia more than month without kickstarters. So what’s wrong with VLC? They promising “tomorrow” at least a half of year.

        • Frederick Edwards

          if you are happy with Moliplayer then why do you care. Difference is that VLC will be free when its released, unlike Moliplayer which puts advanced features into its Pro version for $2.99

          • http://yourig.livejournal.com/ ZloiYuri

            Yes, I’ve paid for Moli) But I don’t understand this position – if people can write pretty good app without investments – why VLC asked for it? FRAUDS.

          • NegLewis


          • CX1

            I backed the Kickster. Your statement is flawed since I’m seeing this here for the 1st time.

          • Johan Spånberg

            Check the kickstarter-page for VLC… There’s alot of threads for backers there.

  • grimo

    and where IS VLC Player for WP u promised us months ago

    • Johan Spånberg

      VLC for WP will arrive after VLC for W8 is finished… Windows is their main target audience.

      • grimo

        than should rearrange their priorities

  • Bugbog

    Not a look-a-like, just about an exact copy!

  • http://osoalex.com/ Alejandro Machado R.

    Gorgeous! Hope the WP version looks like this!

  • Andreas Luebbers

    I cannot wait for the release, most other players for Windows 8.1 are bad and fake software. The gui looked good for me.

  • koenshaku

    Awesome maybe it will sync playlist to my WP8 device also since MS likes to leave that in the hands of 3rd parties…….

  • un-village-seoul

    I was looking forward to VLC Player, but all this waiting and the teasers here and there have made me not to care any longer. I am using MoliPlayer on my Nokia Lumia and really am liking it and Windows Media Player 12 on my Windows 8.1 Desktop.
    Sorry VLC you lose….

    • Ocelotty1

      Moliplayer on my Ativ S is awesome :) even though I contributed to the VLC Kickstarter I couldn’t wait any longer

  • soder

    Damn, its 13 months (I repeat for the illetarate ones: THIRTEEN MONTHS) sofar.. VLC is the clear example that WP8 APIs cannot be used to develop anything thats more serious than farting apps or wrappers for websites into standalone apps.

    • blakjedi

      funny that you misspell illiterate…lol

      • soder

        yep.. me sounds quite stupid after that, still my opinion holds…