VLC Releases More Screenshots Of VLC Player For Windows 8 Devices, Looks Amazing

vlc player windows 8 1

Last week, we reported about VLC Player for Windows 8‘s upcoming Zune like UI. Yesterday, VideoLAN team shared more screenshots of the current UI they are working on. Also he provided a shot update on the progress of the work, they are going to submit in to Windows Store in next couple of days.

We’ve worked a lot on the audio crashes, and finally decided to rewrote the audio stack for Windows Metro platforms. Hopefully, this will allow us to finally pass the Store validation. This kept us busy during the holidays.

See more screenshots below.

vlc player windows 8 2 vlc player windows 8 3 vlc player windows 8 4 vlc player windows 8 5 vlc player windows 8 6 vlc player windows 8 7

Source: VLC

  • http://lukeja.co.uk/ Luke

    Overall looks ok but some nasty misalignments and padding issues. I’d love to help fix them!

    • http://www.simonpauldesign.com/ Simon Paul

      Agreed, also doesn’t look very touch friendly as some of the targets look pretty small. I’m excited for this app, and overall it looks good. But these companies really need professional design help sometimes. Metro/Flat design exposes amateur design.

      • http://lukeja.co.uk/ Luke

        I’m going to contact them because they apparently rely on volunteers for design work and I would happily help. I have experience making beautiful and simplistic apps and think I could clean VLC up a little

    • Rams

      You are right Luke and I’m surprised to the title “Looks Amazing”. Not up to the mark of cool metro design!

  • Bugbog

    A repurposed Zune UI. Kinda makes one wonder why Microsoft couldn’t have done this for Metro!?

  • RadiusK

    Anyone else noticed from the Snapped View screenshots that the VLC devs are running Windows 8.1 Update 1? Their taskbar has got a bunch of Modern UI apps pinned.

    (Additional screens via source: http://imgur.com/a/mkah9#14)

    • TroyGates

      Or they are using Modern Mix. It allows pinning modern apps to the task bar also.

  • soder

    Let me give a prediction: it wont be in the store next monday (Feb 3rd) not even in March. Let see next week if I was wrong…