Vote for Microsoft Surface in Gizmodo’s poll


Gizmodo is asking which is the best Slate and Convertible tablet, and have several Windows 8 and Windows RT options.

Show your support for your favourite OS by voting in their poll here.

Thanks Njoi for the tip.

  • GG002

    Would’ve been enough to just say ‘vote’.
    Semi-related story:

    Today I had my Surface with me when meeting up with some old classmates. Showed Surface to a couple of most die-hard Apple fans I know, and after playing around with it for a while, they went back to their iDevices, and I could see it on their sudden saddened expressions that they were kind of disappointed that a number of features didn’t exist on their iPads. Oh, and they started defending iPad without me having said anything. Well, defending is an overstatement. It was literally “but iPad is still the best”, and nothing more.

  • TWPandora

    Funny the Surface is in a different category. I guess they do want to put it head to head with the iPad because it might win. The iPad can have an keyboard attach to it, so why is the Surface in a different category. The Surface does not come standard with a keyboard. It is a slate tablet, plain and simple. (writing this post with my Surface type cover on my lap, I love this thing.)

  • Breakingillusions

    voted for surface and HP elite

  • jimski27

    After Surface wins the Convertible category, they should have a showdown for best overall Tablet.

  • James Matthews

    The Surface is clearly in the wrong category. It is NOT a convertible tablet.

  • Avatar Roku

    I don’t think the Surface is the best. I prefer the hybrid design with a second battery and additional ports in the keyboard base. I voted for the HP Envy X2.

  • darthtigris

    Haven’t been to Giz since that Surface RT ‘review’ and don’t plan on going back, even for this. Not the first time I’ve quit them (one time previously for Jesus Diaz abusing commenters) but likely the last. Too many other sources of info out there.

    • Stephen Eisenhauer

      Giz US or Giz AU?

      • darthtigris

        U.S. US …