Voxer Push-to-talk Service Releases Windows Desktop App

Voxer For Windows app

Popular push-to-talk service Voxer has now released a desktop app for Windows users. Voxer for Windows desktop allows you to get everything you love about Voxer Business on your PC – live and recorded voice, text and photos at your fingertips on a desktop. For example, you can listen and respond to multiple conversations on one screen, hear live audio as it comes in, click to talk back, monitor and dispatch employees at your organization and more.


  • Access multiple chats at the same time: Desktop users can have multiple chats open on one screen and listen and view messages simultaneously.
  • Listen to live messages concurrently: Users can hear live messages as they are received, and with multiple chats open. These live messages can play at the same time, creating a walkie-talkie type feel but with multiple conversations.
  • Download messages onto the desktop: With Voxer Windows Desktop, users can download messages to store locally on their computers, enabling employees to store and keep track of messages for future reference within their own filing systems.
  • Notifications for incoming messages: When a user receives a new message, they will be notified through the desktop taskbar, so they can easily see when they have new voice messages, or “voxes,” while other programs are open.
  • Wired headset support: Often desk workers are surrounded by other employees, so users want to avoid playing voxes out loud. With wired headset support, users can send and receive messages discretely, without disturbing those around them.

Voxer for Windows is available as free exclusively for Voxer Business users. Download it here from Voxer.

via: Trutower

  • Willem Evenhuis

    why would I choose this over i.e. whatsapp or skype?

    • voxerteam

      Hey Willem, Voxer Business is different than Whatsapp because 1. You have your own private company network. Plus Voxer works on phones and desktop/laptops whereas Whatsapp is strictly mobile.

      Voxer is also different than Whatsapp because all messages are both live and recorded, while messages on Whatsapp are only recorded, not live.

      Skype would be more ideal for video and video conferencing, Voxer Business is intended to be more like a two-way radio or walkie talkie, but on your smartphone/computer.

      If you have any questions, please let us know, thanks! support@voxer.com