Report: Amazon Web Services Finally Has Some Tough Competition To Face, Microsoft Azure Shows Triple-Digit Growth

Azure vs Amazon Growth

Synergy Research Group today released their recent data on cloud computing market. It revealed that Microsoft is the fastest growing among the top 4 companies leading in cloud infrastructure services. While Amazon still remains the largest vendor by far, it is now starting to face tougher competition, from Microsoft and others. AWS did not grow its cloud revenues on a sequential basis, and consequently saw its at year-on-year growth rate drop to 49%. While the total market was growing at 45%, Microsoft gained market share over others. Amazon, Microsoft and IBM have reported over $1 billion quarterly revenue from cloud services.

“It has become clear that AWS finally has some tough competition to face,” said John Dinsdale, a Chief Analyst and Research Director at Synergy Research Group. “Until this quarter it could claim that it was bigger than its four nearest competitors, but now at least one jewel has fallen from its crown. While it remains a formidable leader of the market, Microsoft is making some huge strides in IaaS and PaaS while IBM now has clear leadership in the private & hybrid infrastructure services segment.”

Source: Information Week

  • LexicoRed

    Great news, this is what the company needs to be focused on growing. This is what we are good at and make money on. Time to sell off the hardware distractions to Dell or anyone who will take Surface, WP, and XBox profit killers off our hands.

    • sadiq

      MSFT can generate much profit and brand awareness if iterate their products fast unlike 2 year roll out plan.You guys just think on profit without looking in long term.XBox and WP is a great brand for their quality (not mindshare).That can be easily rectified since all of the fault lies on slow akward implementation of features which were taken granted on other platform.MSFT is after all best software company in the world they can make it ,hope nadella and ballmer knew this ,this reorganization change that

  • X

    It’s clear by now why Satya was against the Nokia’s acquisition.