Walt Mossberg reviews Windows 8, does not hate it

Wall Mossberg – Does not hate Windows 8

I know us Windows fans will not buy a single product before it has been reviewed by the esteemed Walt Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal, so we are fortunate enough to have been graced with just that before the OS hits the market in a week’s time.

The good news is that he seems to like it, calling the start screen “handsome, modern, slick“ that “works very well and is a welcome step” and “holds its own with iPad and Android.”

He did however complain about the potential for confusion, not just between the Modern and Desktop UI, but also between RT and Windows 8 devices.

He also complained of lack of key apps and found the mail client poor, but unexpectedly gave Microsoft a pass for this, saying it could be updated in the future.

He concludes:

Microsoft deserves credit for giving Windows a new, modern face. And the company will surely please existing users by maintaining the old one and the ability to run older apps. But the combination will requiring re-learning the most familiar computing system on the planet.

See his full review here.

  • disqustingtard

    Holds its own? It’s Windows, yet he compares it to two phone operating systems? My god… Windows is in a league of its own.

    • Smity Smiter

      Yep! And the league is unparalleled!

    • sumedh kumar

      He has no clue that Windows is the most popular OS.

  • sammy summers

    Mossberg is the biggest douche bag Microsoft hater on the planet….He lives up in Apple’s arse!

  • winaxter

    He says hes been testing it on the surface, so i guess reviewers have them already. I don’t like mossberg at all.

  • Columnist isaFanboy

    Why does anybody even care about Walt Mosspuppet anyway? All he ever did was get on his knees and kissed $teve Job$’ behind. Is that thing he wrote even a review or is it just another of his thinly-disguised excuse of a column to promote Apple$ products?

  • Neo

    If Wall Mossberg thinks W8 is distracting in any way, he’s not a tech person after all.

    Bye bye Mossberg.

  • Tips_y

    “holds its own with iPad and Android.” WHAT?!!! He compares W8 to phone Operating Systems?!!! WHAT AN A**HOLE!!!

    • 123321

      ios has a tablet version, android has a tablet Version and w8 has a tablet version, so it is just reasonable to compare those OSes even tough win8 is way ahead of any other mobile os.

      • darthtigris

        But he doesn’t say that. He said it “hold’s its own”, as if it was comparable. That’s disingenuous.

  • just

    Mossberg should be in convalescent and he can do his review on his daily food. 😛

  • Stringer

    Who? Never heard. It’s like saying nobody buys anything without Petteri Järvinen recommendations. (Doesn’t work even here like that).

  • 1bens

    As Fake Steve Jobs would have said, “Goatberg!!”
    A tepid positive review for a microsoft product from Goatberg? He must be mellowing out in his old age.

    • jabtano

      Why is it that all these folks this gumball and prillio and leo everyone follows them all the time anytime MS does something it’s a joke to them but apple omg it’s heaven so why on earth should what they say even be posted on a windows tech site?jeeze

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708677298 Alf Lenni Erlandsen

    But Mr Mossberg, you dont need Facebook or Twitter since it is intergrated into the UI itself. So who really cares. I know that i dont and i know that others loves tha fact that they dont have to look at the blue from facebook.

  • http://twitter.com/dime09 Dime09

    Technology is advancing at a fast rate. Windows 8 is the latest innovation and is preparing you for the future. Get a Windows 8 tablet when you’re ready to advance your puny brains!! If you can’t adapt, then get out!! And stick to your toy iPad.

  • tN0

    While I’m not a fan of Mossberg, I have to say that I agree with almost everything he said. At least he did understand what Windows 8 is for. And there already is confusion about Windows 8/RT. I have seen advertising from hardware stores where RT machines are labeled as Windows 8 or “Windows 8 RT”.
    Microsoft has to take this seriously. Most people will get angry when they find out, that their old loved game or this particular software will not run on Windows RT.
    And finally about app quality: The essential Microsoft apps lack indeed features. Overall they don’t even provide the basic features that the new modern styled websites already have if you look at Outlook.com vs. Mail app or SkyDrive.com. Microsoft should have updated those apps quicker. Most reviewers will test Windows by using these apps.

    • http://twitter.com/TimoTim19 Timothy Gamble

      I just want to note that Microsoft has already said they have updates for the stock apps coming on the 26th. The RTM versions of these apps are NOT what you will see on the 26th.

      • tN0

        Those updated were already rolled out. I’m running the latest versions. The maps app was updated again just hours ago. Still, there is a ton of features missing.

        My point was that even updates for the 26th would be too late because the reviewers are using it *now*.

  • http://www.mainstreetchatham.com/ JimmyFal

    Poor Walt, he was forced to give a non scathing review because he is afraid of his own comments section at this point.
    I thought the review fairly pointed out pretty much everything. Particularly the “measured” response to what could be the first real competition to the IPad which has been on cruise control since it’s inception.
    Walt I usually try to bash you over the head as much as you deserve but this was fair. I’m just so happy that MS is finally in this game. No one makes more mistakes and mis-steps than Microsoft and no one comes back with a vengence like MS either. I can’t wait till that Surface arrives at my door, and I really hope MS has some killer needed apps to accompany this very NEW operating system on the 25th.