Want to know anything about the Microsoft Surface? Ask Anandtech


Anandtech has published an extremely detailed review of the the Microsoft Surface RT.

The review covers issues such as the performance of the touch and type covers, battery life, and detailed bench marks of performance, application loading times and even WIFI speeds.

After all that they conclude:

Surface is the most flexible tablet I’ve ever used. Through two seemingly simple additions to the design (but incredibly complex to actually develop and implement), Microsoft took a tablet and turned it into something much more. If you’re frustrated by productivity limits of currently available tablets, Surface really seems to be the right formula for a solution. It’s important to note that Microsoft’s execution with Surface establishes the company as a competitive powerhouse in the mobile design market. I can only imagine what multiple revs of the design will give us, not to mention what could happen if Microsoft set its obsessive sights on smartphones or notebooks.

The Windows RT experience, in many senses, is clearly ahead of what many competitors offer in the tablet space today. Multitasking, task switching and the ability to have multiple applications active on the screen at once are all big advantages that Microsoft enjoys. For productivity workloads, Surface is without equal in the tablet space.

Content consumption is also great on the device. Surface’s display isn’t industry leading but it’s still good.  Reading emails, browsing the web flipping through photos and watching videos are all good fits for the platform – just as good as competing solutions from Apple or Google.

More impressive than the fact that Microsoft brought competitive parity to the Windows tablet usage model is the fact that power efficiency doesn’t seem to be an issue for Windows RT. Microsoft has built a mobile OS that is capable of, at least based on what we’ve seen today with Surface, being competitive with Android and iOS solutions when it comes to battery life. With lower power silicon inside, Microsoft could do even better.

I don’t believe Surface is perfect, but it’s a platform I can believe in. What I’m most excited about is to see what happens after a second or third rev of the design. I would have liked to have seen faster hardware inside (I’d love to see an Atom based version). There are also some rough edges that could use smoothing out (e.g. the power connector and HDMI output come to mind) and Windows RT likely needs another round of updates (app launch times are far too long, more apps needed) but overall the device is easily in recommendable territory. The biggest issue I have with recommending Surface today is that you know the next iteration of the device is likely going to be appreciably better, with faster/more efficient hardware and perhaps even a better chassis.

If you’re ok being an early adopter, and ok dealing with the fact that mobile devices are still being significantly revved every year, Surface is worth your consideration. If you’ve wanted a tablet that could begin to bridge the content consumption and productivity divide, Surface is it.

Be sure to set aside an evening and read the full review here.

Thanks Bugbog for the tip.

  • alukard

    Now that’s a review.

  • Jones

    Is there any new information about the Flash Support in IE10 on WinRT? Is it uncompromisingly integrated? Couldn’t find an answer in any review.

    • Bugbog

      That, as with anyone that runs No-script on a full PC can tell you, is always a case of “more, and less!”.

      Most officially verified sites will run fine, a few may not, especially if they have some “secret sauce” embedded.

      Anyways, if the flash doesn’t play in the Metro browser, you can always switch to the desktop one to play it.

    • Justin Kirkwood

      There was one review that stated they had no problems with youtube and netflix, but were unable to get Amazon’s Prime to play

      • http://www.facebook.com/ddevos1980 Dirk De Vos

        It’s integrated into IE10, but sites have to be certified by MS, so I think that’s few and far between. All in it will get better…

  • Bugbog


    Now, for anyone that spews FUD we can point to this subjective AND Objective analysis of device, saying “here’s ours, where’s yours?”

    It doesn’t, observedly, have the best components available in it. However what it does have, is put together into a cohesive package that is Greater than the sum of its parts, bringing with it Multiple USP factors than any other tablet currently on the market!

  • Agha

    Stupid guy from MS Store in Germany (online Store) told me that the surface tablet Shipment will start from 26th. When I order it, it was marked as delivering until 26th. And even on the bill it still says 26th, but the device is also set as “in progess”. Man how much I hate MS-Store for delaying my order. If I wasnt I fanboy I would send it back when it arrives after 26th.

    • http://www.facebook.com/hildmann Ludwig Hildmann

      oh man that sucks, I was afraid of that :( I want my Surface now!!! Instead we will get it next week…

  • http://www.visiv.ca hunter2

    For a site that is filled with as many ads as this one, it’s in really poor taste to link to the print version of an article.

  • donzebe

    This what I have been looking for

  • lubba

    Too many mixed reviews! The RT is pretty steep considering its supposed to challenge the iPad. At that price and less functionality than the w8 pro, I don’t know what or who the pro is challenging knowing its price is going to be way up there.

    • GGlazer

      I am hoping to pick up a Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 and I’m scared of hell at the price that’s going to be..

  • Jim Parker

    Nice review, thanks.

  • http://twitter.com/counterblow the person

    Anandtech gives me hope that journalism is still alive and well. And the make the rest of the tech rags look like amateurs.

  • sgpr73

    Great review, hard to see such an unbiased reviews these days!

  • abons32

    Just take your order number for your surface and go to FedEx. Choose track by reference and omit the MS prefix and track your surface. Abond32

  • NegLewis

    Windows 8 RT share kernel code with Windows 8.
    Windows Phone 8 Share Kernel Code with Windows 8 RT.
    Windows Phone 7.5 is Compatible with Windows Phone 8.

    Conclusion: Windows 8 RT SHOULD be able to run Windows Phone 7.5/8 Apps.
    There is no reason why a Windows Phone App should not be able to run on Windows 8 RT – at least as a Left/Right Split Side App (Left/Right Split Screen is nearly a 16 x 9 screen).

    If this will happen – Windows 8 RT will SMASH the mighty iPad in 100k+ pieces.