Watch It Now: Microsoft 2014 Super Bowl Commercial: Empowering

Microsoft just uploaded their Super Bowl commercial. Microsoft celebrates what technology can do, as told by Steve Gleason, a former pro football player who is living with ALS. He uses a Surface Pro running Tobii’s eye gazer technology to speak, and to narrate our commercial.

Technology has taken us places we’ve only dreamed, empowering us to make the impossible possible. Celebrate the people using Microsoft technology to break barriers and inspire us all.

What about that soundtrack?

If you think the music in our commercial sounds familiar, you are right. The song was composed using sounds from Windows, Outlook, Xbox and other Microsoft products.

You can learn more at

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  • benjitek

    Microsoft’s strong point has never been it’s video advertisements — this newest one does nothing to change that. Not awful, just not memorable :-(

  • Guest


  • Tips_:(

    With all the Shots of space exploration you would be forgiven for thinking they were promoting Linux.

  • maysider

    Microsoft is the most outdated it company,
    Almost everyone is switching to google documents and Chromebooks
    Microsoft has been the biggest break for the whole IT industry now

    • HoppITUp

      Keep believing your little fantasy if it makes you feel better. When you come out of your mom’s basement and join the real world, you will learn that the google fantasy is nothing more than Advertisers selling your data to make a buck and you believing you are getting something free.

      • maysider

        google is not an idiot therefore not selling data, but Facebook and Apple are SELLING your data, Apple is even sued for that
        Google needs our data for free services like translate, maps through anonymous ad system
        educate a little, kiddie