Watch The Crazy Trailer Of ‘Dead Island 2’ Game Coming To Xbox One Next Year

Dead Island 2 is an upcoming action role-playing, survival zombie game for Xbox One from German developer Yager Development and published by Deep Silver. The developers have given a brief demo of this game to folks at Microsoft and they shared the experience at Xbox Wire.

Our time with Dead Island 2 barely scratched the surface of the potential festering beneath its rotting flesh. On top of southern California, the massive open-world contains a huge NorCal region, as well as a third monster-populated mystery area. And while our time beating back the hordes beneath the iconic Hollywood sign was shared by a trio of co-op buddies, the final game will support a total of eight zombie-poppin’ pals. It’s also important to note that our defensive mission was not specific to (or segregated into) a cooperative mode, but instead displayed the same story objectives that a solo apocalypse survivor would encounter.

Dead Island 2
doesn’t start spreading its virus until spring 2015, but our thumb-numbing, grin-inducing time behind the game pad already has us packing our survival gear for our next getaway to the gory, er… Golden State.

Read more at Xbox Wire.

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    This trailer is as old as E3…