Watch The First Microsoft Surface Pro TV Commercial Now

Microsoft has now officially released its first Microsoft Surface Pro commercial online. Similar to Surface RT tablet ad, Surface Pro ad involves lots of dancers with Surface Pro in hand. It shows the unique Surface capabilities such as Stylus support, full USB support, etc,. This ad was directed by Jon M Chu, an American film director and screenwriter best known for directing the movies Step Up 2: The Streets and Step Up 3D.

  • koenshaku

    Haha i’m glad to see they bought these guys back. These ads are great!

  • Mathias Ungerer

    the first one was much better… I like this too, but it is not that good…

    • GG002

      Well, this seems maybe a tad more serious, which the Surface Pro also is.

  • disqustingtard

    That’s just like my office every day.

  • pepe

    Very good, surface pro for my office.

  • Wieland

    that shit is sooooo ridiculous. Oh my god its so awkward…

    • Asgardi


  • Kyle K

    the key is to showing everything that makes it a business device for on the move.
    USB connection —> Mic
    Touchscreen —> circle graphs and comments
    Portability —> throwing them around with ease
    Cover/Keyboard —-> constant clicks and holds from the cover
    Stand —-> Easy to stay upright as a laptop or fold
    Wacom like Pen —-> signing and editing

    This device was built for business : hospitals, travelers, insurance, etc.
    The hell with iPads, you have to hire a team of people just to build apps that could be used for the device for your office and even then you still don’t get it all. This is using what programs have already been spent since the 90s, Windows.

    • JRV

      You’re on the right track with this. I’d add the visual stuff is about appealing to people with music video attention spans, and to provide an incentive for DVR users to watch the commercial instead of fast forward it. Not altogether different than a lot of ads, actually. As for “hipness”, this ad would have been ludicrous with plain black notebooks running Windows 7. However competent Windows 7 is, it’s evolutionary. Surface and Windows 8 ARE new and different, and that’s an important message.

  • Vladimir Byazrov Photographer

    superb, makes me forget all shortcomings of this terrible product.

    • Kruegerman

      Then maybe you should focus on its strengths, of which there are many.

      Perhaps you’re insecure about having a tiny penis and derive your entire self-worth from this single physical inadequacy, but that’s not the way you should look at computing devices.

      • Vladimir Byazrov Photographer

        lol this was funny. thanx. you are an ok clown!

  • jimski27

    Sorry, but most office workers are not hip. Nor do they have $1100 to shell out for a Surface, or the clout to demand one. I think this campaign should have gone in a different direction.

  • TheManFromEarth

    These are some of the dumbest commercials, they say little to nothing of what the Surface is and can do. What a waste.

  • Richard Persaud

    …and already it’s been remixed and made 100x better :)

  • redtidal

    I guess all the students from the RT commercial have grown up and found jobs in the same company?

  • SategB

    WTF! was the Surface RT Ads was so successful with moving product tthey decided to double down for the Pro.

    I now know what the last women at the Pub before closing time feels like… the smell of desperation is high.