Watch The Making Of Surface 2 Video From Microsoft


Microsoft today released a short video showing the making of Surface 2. The next generation Surface devices are going on sale later this month and Microsoft has made some significant improvements in both Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. This behind the scenes video shows the people behind the Surface 2 talking about key improvements made which building it. Surface 2 is now lighter, thinner and faster. Also Surface 2 comes with much improved Touch and Type covers which has pressure sensors all over it.

Watch the video above.


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Pradeep, a Computer Science & Engineering graduate.

  • jeff

    time to replace my lame ipad

    • Yuan Taizong

      It has been almost a year due.

      • WPhan


  • Vincent Haakmat

    Why couldn’t the make the Surface 2 PRO thinner also?

    • Aymen

      it s not that Easy, it s a full PC

    • nohone

      If it is that easy to do, I suggest you try to get hired at Microsoft and show them the way to do it.

      • Vincent Haakmat

        I never uttered the word “easy”, I just asked a question. Next time read before replying.

        • nohone

          Actually, you never uttered a word to me, you wrote words. Next time read before replying.

      • WPhan

        It is really disgusting way to treat people. Why do you feel the need to always attack with your responses.

        It is easy to be rude, try being more thoughtful.

        • nohone

          I wasn’t attacking. He made a statement and if he thinks it can be done better, then he should show them how. The Surface Pro is thinner and lighter than the competition’s similar offerings – Pro is 0.53 inches thick at 910g, MacBook Air is 0.68 inches thick at 1080g. And yet you don’t hear people complain about how the MacBook Air needs to be thinner and lighter – in fact, people praise it for being thin and light. It is after all called Air as in light as.
          Now for the bit about being rude or more thoughtful. I suggest you read some other comments on this site, and start writing that more. Because I and others here have been called every name you can think of, I have been called a Nazi and told to go “fuck myself” simply because I don’t worship at the altar of Apple or spend my life advocating open source. And yet, I tell somebody that if they think they can do better then they should make the change they want by taking a job, and that is being rude or not thoughtful enough? Tell you what, post your email here, and the next time somebody on the other side is rude or need to be more thoughtful I will send you email so that you can get after them and tell them to play nice.

          • koenshaku

            Actually the Sony Vaio Tap 11 is no only thinner and lighter, but it has a larger display than the surface 2. So I can understand his point of view you need to take off your blinders my friend and do your research. I asked myself the same question when I saw the specs for the Surface pro 2 and I assumed I guess they wanted to keep the look and feel of their sturdy design unless they have another battery sheet in there or something.

          • nohone

            I would agree with you but my understanding is the Vaio Tap 11 is currently not for sale anywhere, and it certainly cannot be bought in the states. And also, it depends on some of the stats behind the device, specifically as you mentioned, battery. Did the Vaio Tap 11 use a smaller battery to make it smaller? You can always make is smaller by leaving out some items, but it does not make it a better device.

          • WPhan

            I’m sorry, by the sound of your reply your full of a great deal of anger and pain. I wish your soul finds some peace and contentment soon


    • Guest

      Probably decided Pro users were probably reasonably happy as is, and will make the change early next year coincident with newer more energy efficient Intel processors.

      • Rico Alexander

        I wonder how long will it take to get a tablet as powerful as the surface pro and as thin as the surface rt?

        • Guest

          Broadwell ULX, assuming Intel even builds it and prices it competitively, is the only chip I’m aware that could potentially enable that. Even then it probably runs hotter than an ARM chip so might still need for ventilation. So I’d speculate at least a year and maybe two.

          • Rico Alexander

            Thanks for the info.

          • Guest

            No problem. I think you’ll see a progression along the way to that. Maybe a new thinner family member with less power but still fast and a lower entry cost. Can’t get through CY14 w/o something new.

    • flixx

      They probably COULD make it thinner, at the expense of battery life. But since battery life was the chief complaint with last year’s model, that wouldn’t make much sense. Also, it’s probably safe to assume they had extra casings lying around from the Gen 1 devices and didn’t want them to go to waste.

    • surilamin

      @Vincent Haakmat

      Lets try to be kind to new people if possible. The reason the Surface 2 Pro is not thinner is because it needs fans and has a larger high powered intel cpu compared to the fanless smaller ARM cpu on the Surface 2. Haswell is not really a new chipset, but simply shrunk slightly and make it a little but more power effecient (tick/tock). Microsoft opted to make the Surfac Pro 2 more powerful, therefore the body stayed the same size, also somewhat useful for getting more ram in there too.

      The Surface Pro 2 will be quiter though.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Quite interesting.

  • blake

    I pre ordered the surface 2, but this video just makes it seem like all i really needed was a new type cover 2. lol.. They didnt mention any of the camera improvements, or speed increase of the device.