Watch the New Bing Ad

If you’re involved in the Microsoft community, you’re probably aware of Anthony, commonly known by his twitter handle WinRUs. We reported last year that he got a license plate on his new car that reads “BING IT.”

It appears Microsoft noticed too and shot a short video of him and how Bing impacts his life. Microsoft posted this video at the end of their blog post reflecting on 5 years since the launch of Bing.

Give Anthony a follow on twitter, he is genuinely among the nicest people I’ve interacted with in the Microsoft community.

Source: Bing Blog

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    I’m glad to see dedicated Bingers, as myself, I probably have over 2.000 Bing-related images in my pictures library, and I take a screen-shot of the Bing of the day, and 2 (a portrait & a landscape) of the Windows Phone Bing Mobile Hub. 😀