Watch The New Xbox One Dashboard And Multitasking Experience In All Its Glory

Microsoft’s Xbox One will have a all new dashboard UI coupled with great multitasking features.  As you can watch from the above video, the dashboard UI looks similar to a Windows 8 Start Screen with Live Tiles. You can pin your favorite games, music, video, etc, to your home page of Xbox One. Xbox One now supports great multitasking, it does in two ways. First, the ability to switch between games, music, Skype calls, etc, instantly without any loading screen. Second, you can now snap a supported app to side of your screen. For example, you can watch live tweets associated with an event when you are watching an event, or you can have a Skype call while doing some other task, etc,.

Forget the $100 pricing difference between Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PS4, Can Sony PS4 offer this level of Dashboard and Multitasking experience on their console?

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  • herho

    It is kinda cool. And useful even though you have a controller in your hands.

  • Erevodifwntas

    “Forget the $100 pricing difference between Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PS4, Can Sony PS4 offer this level of Dashboard and Multitasking experience on their console?”

    This features costs almost 1/5 of the xbox one? not even $10… it is an OK feature, but not a killer one. kinect good be the major sales point, but we need to see more A quality kinect based games

    • rjmlive

      I don’t.

      Millions of dollars in R&D went into the tech capability shown here. Sony hasn’t invested in this or the same level of XBL infrastructure, that’s a guarantee, they just made a PS3.1 with modern parts.

      A quality kinect based games / features / functions to come are bonus above and beyond this kind of control. Easily worth it considering the investment in the platform for the next 5 – 10 years. Spending money on getting a PS4 now and then and Xbox One later is short term thinking. Nobody owning an Xbox One is going to say, “dang, I should really pick up a PS4 for what it can do”.. as opposed to the millions of people that will say, “yeah I love this PS4, but just have to save up for the Xbox One because of what it can do.”

  • BIAS

    Nice features. This is why I prefer the One. Also HALO

  • NegLewis

    The only thing MS really needs to remove is the first command: XBox.
    Maybe replaced it with a “purpose” / “directional” / “intonation” / “awareness” type command…

    • rjmlive

      Ok google now…

      naw.. xbox is just fine.

      • NegLewis

        It’s not about Google or MS or Apple. It’s about the AI behind.

        That “replace” that I am talking about it’s something that really cost money… time and effort.

        Imagine something like: You in a bar, talking with your friends. And sudden someone is asking you a question. How do you know that is talking with you? And why?

        Imagine that sudden you want to talk to the waitress. What are your gestures, What do you do? Only then you say “waitress”. And if she is looking at you, you don’t say it.

        XBox should be “Aware” of who is looking at it. And a “red eye” should be blinking in the right top corner of the screen. Or something like that.

        • Misak Ghazaryan

          that means it has to always be listening to you and has to know when youre talking to it, that requires more computing power a higher level AI and would make the people already concerned about the NSA frantic

        • Omar

          Ur really not that bright huh? How often do we talk to people in the same room while keeping our eyes on the TV? Kinect would always think we’re talking to it. U need to address a device so that it recognizes you. Even in the movie futuristic AI of Jarvis in Iron Man, he always says Jarvis before giving a command. If its only imagined tech, then what the hell do u expect a $150 piece of equipment for a video game system to do?

        • Ben A

          you are retarded sir. don’t compare bar to console. does not work both ways. xbox knows who the person by face recognition with its advance computing.

    • laserfloyd

      Actually, in the future it’d be nice if you could give it a name. Personally, I’d call mine Jarvis. Tony Stark all the way. 😀

      • Omar

        Just saw this after my post.

    • spydaweb

      You actually only need to say XBOX once. If you’re doing multiple things in close succession, you just say XBOX at the beginning and then you can say each command one after the other. It works that way even now on 360. It’s a way of getting the Kinect’s attention and putting it in the right listening mode, once you’re in that mode you simply say the commands.

      So, you could say XBOX watch TV; go to HBO; snap activity feed. All in close succession and without having to repeat XBOX in front of each command.

    • Ben A

      talk shit. when cortana Assitant comes out you would shut up and your mouth will fall out of place when you see it in action. This is a command voice feature, not an assistant that you can talk to, it is very straight to the point to get to features easily without bullshit. there is a difference between an assistant and a command. look it up in the dictionary and research the difference and you will see. because you have no clue what you talking about.

  • steveo99

    Game changer! Silly Sony trying to save a few bucks and not include their eyetoy thingy (even though it’s inferior to Kinect). This is a must buy feature for me, lets face it, consoles should do more than play games these days.

  • panagiώtis

    I wish voice commands be enabled in other countries too. I live in Greece and I need to set country us or UK so I can use them and that’s lame.

    • Bugbog

      I think it will be, later on, just not in a ‘first instance’ delivery.

    • Ben A

      its not lame. don’t use it then, use English language since you speak “ENGLISH” too as your second language or whatever. Future updates more countries will be added in this feature. now is limited. programmers can’t code 2700 languages around the world in just one year. its not possible and its madness

  • jaylyric

    Talk about a “WOW’ feature!! Can’t wait to have ONE of my own!

  • Wtechrover

    Cool stuff. Also impatiently waiting to try Surface 2 to Xbox One miracast interaction.

  • Squuiid

    We’re in 2013, why was this video uploaded to YouTube at 360p?!

    • reKitab

      LOL! The fullscreen mode is horrible. “…Watch The New Xbox One Dashboard And Multitasking Experience In All Its Glory…” at 360p?! Laughable:)

      • Ben A

        that is not from the original xbox channel. someone fucking leaked it as a low quality video.

    • Bugbog

      If it’s a copy (i.e re-uploaded on Youtube again) of an original source, the only way not to get “yanked” is to use a lower resolution. I think it’s up to Pradeep to find the original source video!

  • whateverfloatsyourboat

    Really want to see what the ‘My Collection’ app is/looks like… Could it be a media center like app for not only viewing the content on xbox hard drive, but also on Media Servers, in a nice cover flow style…? Or am i getting my hopes up too much that this will truly be an all in one solution…

    • spydaweb

      I’m sure it’s just a list of all the things you’ve purchased/downloaded. Game, Add-ons, etc.

    • Ben A

      cover flow style???? seriously. its not apple. its Microsoft. its modern ui

  • Emily the Strange

    no comments and no rating system in the video… finally someone thought about it. these kind of videos should just be used to share, not to start stupid wars.
    it looks nice the features Xbox One has, and this shows why the damn Kinect is bundled with it. see, no version without Kinect.

    • laserfloyd

      Yep. Good move disabling comments/ratings. I bet there was much rage to be had at this but it’s a good move because it keeps things civil.

  • Asgard

    Well after watching PS4 dash demo too it is quite clear which one just works faster and looks better. And yeah, it is Xbox.

  • laserfloyd

    I use the current kinect voice functions all the time so I’m looking forward to the better responsiveness and increased functionality.

  • captaineye

    Anyone know what internet connection speed they was using in the video. Wonder how it will work with the low internet speed in many countries? Im stuck with a awful 2meg connection works ok for xbox 360 but what about xbox one?

  • SategB

    While everyone is doing the predictable and boring console fanboy argument, what we should be talking about what Samsung is up to with their game controller talk today and how their strategy my real affect the industry.

  • Failtrain831

    Its nice to be on a site where im not treated like a pos for loving Xbox