Watch The Windows 8.1 Start Button In Action (Video)

You’ll be able to get your hands on the official Windows 8.1 Preview build in less than a month.  But in the mean time, our good friend Tom Warren has posted a video of the start button in action in build 9410. Of course the functionality could change, but nothing too dramatic really. Why do we need a Start Button again?

via Tom Waren

  • kemite2

    That is not the “start button”

    • SteveyAyo

      Yes it is, youre thinking of the Start Menu which was an archaic assortment of drop down menus… that will NOT be making a return… EVER

  • Oliver

    I wonder if it’s worth me trying the Preview build like I did with Windows 8. Is the Preview just designed for developers? I’m just someone who likes the software. Will it be easy to upgrade to the final version from the preview? And will you lose your copy of Windows 8 if you do get the Preview?

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

    • Oliver

      Also, the start button is a good idea. I also love the idea of having my desktop background as my Metro background – it will at last look like a smooth transition!

    • WixosTrix

      For Windows 8, Microsoft first had a developer preview, a consumer preview, and a release candidate. They haven’t specified what this will be, but I’m assuming it will just be a public preview for all.
      Like any beta OS, you should install it alongside your current install for testing until finial release.

      • surilamin

        Developer, Consumer, and Release Candidate have all been combined into this one preview. The release at BUILD will be public preview for all. There will be no other public builds released officially for Windows 8.1

  • Smith

    This is not the Start Menu I was hoping to return. I understand Microsoft point but I still think when you are in desktop mode Windows should have it is old Start Menu.
    Not all PCs are touch screen. Windows 8 is really fun and good on tablet and touch screen but with Mouse and Keyboard we still need that Start Menu in desktop mode.
    And what I don’t understand is if they just want to have Start Button not Start Menu why make it visible/invisible? Just let the icon be there visible all the time!

    • observer2121

      Actually you don’t, I have windows 8 and have no problem navigating without the start menu.

    • leoniDAM


      I use on my desktop the new start screen more efficiently then the old Start Menu

      • ekseli

        No. The Start Menu requires a LOT less mouse movements to access things than the Start Screen. It’s an ergonomics issue. With a mouse it’s a minor matter, but with a touchpad it’s a big deal.

    • Huyle

      what is the different between start menu start screen, I think start screen has more information and easy access.

    • J88NYr

      The new start screen is basically a start menu, only it gives you a lot more information and can be more interactive is you want it to be. in 8.1 you can just make all your icons the smallest size and group them into sections, at least that way everything will be available on one screen, and it will be more ordered and easier to use than the old menu.
      To be honest I don’t want the button back, I like it the way it is, the button does nothing, and its already there, it just appears when you hover the mouse in the corner.

    • PoohGQ

      Most people at my job seem to have all the apps they use on the desktop.. The start screen is a better option the desktop..

    • James0202

      The return of old start menu means to destroy the future of windows apps, ruins the ecology of windows system complately since user will no longer switch to Metro mode.

    • TheApprentice

      Have been using Win8 with mouse and keyboard all the time. Don’t know where this sentence that “Win8 is good only for touch screen” comes from?!?

  • matheee

    yayyy! this could be the name of a film “The return of the Start button”… ahahaha

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    so Roy Hibbert was fined and also apologizes for the slur? wow!
    I was reading the live tiles because honestly this video is boring and sucks lol and shows something that works already like that. well that not pretty new start button is smaller though.

  • leharmeerak

    this is the start menu, not start button, wtf!!!!

    • WixosTrix

      The Start Menu isn’t and will never return. The button is there at 0:16

      • leharmeerak

        aha you’re right, just saw it… tnx

  • Huyle

    I think the new start button is the same old start button. with old start button, you can access the application quickly, and new start button has the same fictional and more. no longer use start button in win 7. just type the key work after press windows button.

  • jvs

    I will start a petition to remove the Start Button added in version 8.1. Version 8.2 must be like version 8.0.

  • redtidal

    that…is kind of useless.

    i would prefer if i can configure it to launch to the full app list.

  • TheHumanOracle

    Almost identical to how it is now. ???

    Currently if you hover in the bottom left corner you get a large start screen icon. Now just changed to a start button icon.

    Still not permanently visible? Only on hover?

    • grs_dev

      It sounds like you can make it permanent also through some preference.

  • grs_dev

    Did anyone notice the arrow at the bottom of the first set of tiles? It looks like the arrow at the bottom of Windows Phone 8 that takes the user from the Home screen to the app drawer.

    I may have missed this in the write ups. I am speculating here that it will behave kind of like the way WP home screen behaves which to me is delightful.

    To me it makes more sense to have that arrow visible and take the user to the full list of apps through it as opposed to requiring a keystroke or a flick from one of the edges.

    While they’re at it, they should add a search button next to the arrow for users with touch to get to the search feature even quicker.

  • Adrian

    I hope they let us lock the Start Menu to a second monitor without it going to desktop when you click anything on the first monitor

  • ekseli

    We don’t need a Start Button. What we need is a desktop Start Menu, like in Windows 7. Launching desktop programs through the Start Screen with a keyboard+mouse interface is way too cumbersome.