Watch Them Now: Microsoft Releases Cool New Ads To Promote Internet Explorer Features

Microsoft has released few marketing videos to promote Internet Explorer browser. These videos highlight various Internet Explorer features such as Reading view, full screen browsing, multi-tasking support and more. Watch them below.

Breakfast Table:

Reading View on Internet Explorer- making ads and clutter a thing of the past.


Remove the clutter and enjoy the web in full screen with Internet Explorer. The browser perfect for touch

Trivia Night:

Don’t be slowed down by navigation buttons. Get the answers faster with Flip Ahead on Internet Explorer. The browser perfect for touch.

Sick Day:

Accomplish more with side by side browsing on Internet Explorer. The browser perfect for touch.

Learn how Internet Explorer is pushing the web forward:

  • Bugbog

    The first and the last were the best ones (Breakfast Table & Sick Day) :)

  • Ruufus

    Sounds like great UK ads. Where are these ads in the USA?

  • grs_dev

    Who are these ads really trying to appeal to?

    Use IE, because it’s better than a 2000 year old technology?
    Use IE, it won’t help you do your job but hey out of sight, out of mind?
    Use IE, the #1 browser among cheaters? lousy trivia players? people who take a tablet to a pub?
    Use IE, it’s preferred by slackers?

    • Lightness

      How would you have advertised it better?

    • hysonmb

      Use IE, because ads with facts and statistics only appeal to the techies so we need something that will catch on with the average old, overworked, cheating, slackers out there.

  • donzebe

    Microsoft need to make a lot of TV ads to educate the population about internet Explorer. If they have to make a street research today, they will be shock to find out that more than half the population does not know what the internet explorer does. Many people may be using, but that’s because it comes with a new PC and salesperson has instructed to click to go on the internet and if you want to search something go to download and you are good to go.

    • apple SUCKS

      i totally agree. my suggestion would be, side x side comparison between the browsers, to let ppl know how fast and awesome IE11 really is. those who brainwashed, can see it with their own eyes. It also help those idiots that still stuck in 80’s or 90’s and think ALL IE is the same, prove them all wrong, that IE11 is not your 80’s IE. So many BS info out there is not even funny. I have to deal with those lovely ppl and explain to them that new IE is AWESOME and freaking fast,since the restriction finally got lifted and MS was allowed to what they wanted with IE11. i really think some ppl have NO IDEA we are in 2014 and technology has changed all around us. the crap i hear about Win8/8.1 is absolutely hilarious, and so stupid, its crazy that we have these kind of ppl living among us :-( IE11 is AWESOME and has tons of functionality ppl don’t know about, cux they have been told other browser are better by someone that has NO CLUE or even know ANYTHING about IE11 or even Win8/8.1/Pro. 90% of those ppl are judging it on someone else’s opinion,which they never used either……… it will be VERY VERY hard to get those ppl back on board. IMO,they only way would be to do a Side X Side comparison, ppl actually using IE11, Chrome, apple’s JUNK, Mozilla,…. this way ppl can see what IE can do that other can NOT, and will NOT.

  • Sylph

    Don’t forget TPLs, IE’s built in Ad-blocker/Ghostery (available since IE 9).