Watch Windows 8 Global Advertising Campaign Videos Now

Microsoft yesterday blogged about the upcoming global advertising campaign for Windows 8.  This advertising campaign will going live in 42 countries around the world. Microsoft worked with leading marketing agencies like Crispin, Porter and Bogusky, JWT, Wunderman, etc, to make these ads. Microsoft is also planning to take over Times Square on Oct-26th,

And if you are in New York on October 25 thru the 27th don’t miss Times Square where Windows 8 will be featured on over 39 digital boards in the largest takeover of Times Square to date—the biggest Start Screen ever! And we will be hosting a hands-on experience on the ground in Times Square and at our Microsoft Stores in the North America for consumers to touch and try the new Windows —and maybe even see yourself up on the boards in Times Square. We hope to see you!

Read more about it here.

  • brownbox

    As a Windows 8 fan (and daily user) I think these ads suck. Extremely forgettable.
    The surface ads however…

    • Core

      I think one reason for that is that these are shorter and thus probably easier/cheaper to get on the TV a lot. With like half/third the duration it’s limited what you can fit in.

      • koenshaku

        Still they could have been more creative with them. Everyone doesn’t get one to make youtube movies.

    • Bugbog

      You are aware that not all may be meant for the market that you are in. They do have to target different cultural/environmental sensibilities! What the youth in one country may find pleasing (ad-1: bleargh!), others may not.

      Ad-2 I think is targeted at north Asian markets?

      Ad-4, North American, North European?

  • donzebe

    The last 2 are ok. I like them because they demonstrate the product in use.

  • ustudio