Web-based Xbox Music Service Now Available For Windows And Mac

Xbox Music Web
Microsoft today launched their web-based Xbox Music service. Xbox Music Pass subscription allows you to stream millions of songs on your Windows 8 and Windows RT tablet and PC, Windows Phone, Xbox 360, and the Web. You can even download your favorite songs so you can listen offline. It also features Smart DJ/Radio, just type in an artist and Smart DJ/Radio creates a playlist from similar artists. You can see everything in your playlist, and with unlimited skipping, skip to any song you want as many times as you want.

Your Xbox Music Pass collection automatically syncs across all your Xbox Music devices so you can easily access songs, albums, and playlists no matter where you are. All these were available only in Windows 8, Xbox and Windows Phone 8 apps, now they are accessible via music.xbox,com

Source: Xbox Music

  • Jason Kohlhoff

    In hindsight, it’s kind of a bad idea calling this service Xbox Music, and putting it on music.xbox.com. Pretty much makes it a no-go inside the corporate firewall.

    • Agosto Nuñez

      It’s a unification of Microsoft’s entertainment services under 1 name, people will know the Xbox brand as an entertainment brand rather than ”just a gaming console/device”. This worked for Windows too with Windows Live and Windows Phone.

  • BIAS

    This seems better than iTunes. But since I listen mostly to MrSuicidesheep, I have to always download the songs from other sources (IYKWIM) lol… So I just unsubscribed, but I enjoyed showing the n00bs the tile animations and home screen album art…