What bundles are available for the Surface Pro?

Surface Pro has launched, which means you can (maybe) head to your local Microsoft Retail Store to finally pick up your Surface Pro. But before you head out the door with an empty Surface in hand, you might want to take advantage of the bundled deals that are available.

 What is Microsoft Complete?

Complete is Microsoft’s insurance and tech support program for the Surface. Unlike other extended warranties, you get quite a few things included for $99 for 2 years:

  • Accidental damage coverage
  • Factory defects coverage
  • Tech support that includes unlimited support at the Answers Desk in-store, virus/spyware removal, hardware/software install, etc. and unlimited support over the phone

The really good thing about Complete for Surface Pro is that, unlike the one for Surface RT, there is no deductible and there is no limit to check-ins (versus a limit of 2 on the RT). So that means that if something happens to your Surface, whether you drop it from a cliff or into a lake, you can bring it to the store and get a replacement one FOR FREE!


The “Complete Your PC” Bundle for Surface Pro comes with:

  • 2-year Complete + Office 365 Home Premium (5 PCs/Macs for a year) for $169
  • 2-year Complete + Office Home and Student (1 PC perpetual license) for $209

The “Surface Pro Accessories Bundle” is $199 and comes with:

  • 2-year Complete
  • Office 365 Home Premium OR Home & Student (no price difference!)
  • Incipio Surface case
  • Screen protector
  • Gives you a savings of $50-60 versus getting everything by itself

The “Surface Pro Accessories with Touch Cover Bundle” is $299 and comes with:

  • Everything from the $199 bundle
  • Touch Cover (savings of $20 versus getting the Touch Cover by itself)

The “Surface Pro Accessories with Type Cover Bundle” is $309 and comes with:

  • Everything from the $199 bundle
  • Type Cover or Limited-Edition Touch Cover (savings of $20 versus getting the Type Cover or LETC by itself)


  • blackhawk556

    they should include a micro SD card in one of the bundles.

    • arrow2010

      How will that help? 23GB free space for apps is pathetic.

      • GG002

        Oh, SD card helps a great deal! Storing files doesn’t require you to use the internal memory… Great for large files.

      • Arag0n

        It was corrected that 30gb is the free space for the 64 and up to 37.5 after back up restore partition.

      • blackhawk556

        23gb just for apps is alright. If you store pictures, music, and files on the SD card or SkyDrive you’ll be fine. Plus you could always backup to external hard drive by using a USB port. If anyone is really going to bitch and complain all day long about storage either buy the 128gb version or something else. No one is forcing you to buy a Surface. The people that are bitching an complaining the most are the ones who never planned on buying one. Pathetic.
        Sent from my Windows Phone 8

    • frankwick

      Maybe that’s what Skydrive is for