What we expect Microsoft to announce at BUILD next week


The excitement is building for Microsoft’s BUILD conference running from the 13th to 16th September at Anaheim.  At the Windows event we mainly expect to see most of the features, functionality and user interface of Windows 8 being released.  Here is what we expect to see.

We expect to see the Windows 8’s Immersive UI’s developer paradigm being revealed, and at present all bets is on HTML5, with Microsoft saying all the way in June ““On day one, when Windows 8 ships, hundreds of millions of developers will already know how to develop for it.”

We fully expect Microsoft’s Windows 8 app store to be revealed.

Internet Explorer 10 should be another shoe-in, with the browser likely being the backbone for the whole “immersive” user interface.

Updates to the Windows 8 desktop UI will also be shown off, including the new Explorer with its new Ribbon-based UI.

We also expect Windows 8 to be the first operating system to integrate Windows Live cloud services directly into the operating system, providing a similar end to end experience as one finds in Windows Phone 7.

We expect Windows 8 running on tablets to be demoed and there are strong rumours of a Samsung tablet, running either ARM or x86 to be shown off and even handed out to BUILD attendees. A developer beta is also strongly rumoured.

More minor features include Fast Install, Factory Settings Restore, Fast Boot and Instant Power on, Built-in PDF reader, ISO mounting, Hyper-V virtualization and more.

Keep an eye on Microsoft-News.com for the latest developments from BUILD 2011.

  • http://openid.tomservo.eu/ Tom Servo

    Practically everything you “expect” has been confirmed in various places. Except the Samsung tablets.

    • Anonymous

      Its meant to be a round-up, not new revelations.

  • http://twitter.com/danrivhor Daniel Rivero Horie

    No Mango release for WP7? >_<

  • http://twitter.com/domineus Malcolm Williams

    One thing too
    it is heavily implied that a public beta is looming…the samsung tablet is most likely the samsung 7 series which is a fantastic tablet…

  • Anonymous

    I hope they are completely open about backwards compatibility & how they hope to implement it.
    Also, even though they will not state it, I would like to know what affect using X86 programs (even through Hyper V) will have on Battery life.