WhatsApp, Spotify And WeChat Apps Shown At WPC For Windows Platform Was A Mistake

At WPC keynote held today, Microsoft spoke about the app momentum in Windows Store. The number of apps in Windows Store has increased by over 100% over the last year. During the presentation, Microsoft marketing executive highlighted that Windows Store now includes consumer apps like WhatsApp, Spotify and WeChat. We all know that these apps are not available in Windows Store yet. I guess the person who made the presentation got confused between Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. The mentions of WhatsApp, Spotify, WeChat and Pandora are a mistake. WhatsApp business head Neeraj Arora confirmed that it was a mistake from Microsoft.

video via @tomwarren.

  • Rico Alexander

    Which means the presenter probably doesn’t use windows 8 which is sad really.

    • http://yourig.livejournal.com/ ZloiYuri

      The same as devs of WP don’t use it.

    • hushv

      He probably uses an iPhone

    • Tips_y

      I keep getting confused more often than not between the two, since my daily drivers are W8.1 and WP8.1. So even in my wildest imagination, I don’t see how you can jump form his mistake to concluding that he’s not using W8, or that he’s using an iPhone SMH.

  • david

    Maybe they are testing unified apps across WP and W?

  • Tips_y

    I also get confused since I use both W8.1 and WP8.1 – and I am just a user. But to constantly be working on these OSes the whole day, and do other things too, I’m not surprised they sometime get confused. What’s laughable though is how people’s imagination here run away wildly and make them conclude things based on mistakes like these.

    • Bugbog

      I’m more perturbed to see the WhatsApp business head confirm, with no [implied] sense of concern, that they don’t have a WhatsApp app for one of the biggest growing platforms in computing!? (200 – 300Million devices)

  • vivzZ

    Windows 8 or W8.1 doesnt have(most of the time) a sim card so, maybe thats the reason there is no whats app for these.!