While Apple Announces $45 Billion Dividend, Microsoft Has Already Paid Over $68 Billion

Two weeks ago, Apple announced for the first time about their dividends for their shareholders. Combining dividends, share repurchases, and cash used to net-share-settle vesting RSUs, Apple anticipates to utilize approximately $45 billion of domestic cash for over first three years of their programs. As usual, some tech bloggers made statements that no other company has done so, its historic, record amounts, etc,. Just to inform them about some numbers of Microsoft Financials.

1) What is the total value of dividend paid by Microsoft in its history?  Approximately $68 Billion.

2) What is the total value of stock re-purchase programs to date? Approximately $138 Billion.

So Microsoft numbers approximately equals $206 Billion. That’s an incredible number for a 20+ year old company. I don’t think any other modern technology company has returned so much amount to its shareholders.

Source: Microsoft 

  • Josh

    Apple and their fan are just iDiots and they make everything big deal to show they are the best or number one and blah blah.

    And iDiots are idiots and no one can fix them.

  • Pinktacoyummmm

    Not to mention MSFT has about $75 billion in cash at the moment.

    • http://www.gowindowsgo.com/ WixosTrix

      That’s crazy considering the amount of money they’ve been throwing around.

  • guest

    cant fix stupid

  • Anonymous

    I never bought into apple’s claim that they have too much money…may be thay are exaggerating…but even if they are true, M$ has already tasted all that amount of money or probably more than that…thats they are not into figures anymore…braggin about it or…u no..