Will Silverlight for the Xbox 360 be announced at Mix 11?

slxboxIn November last year we posted about a a job post which clearly indicated Silverlight would be making its way to the Xbox 360.

Now Tom Warren from winrumors.com have posted about rumour that the software environment will finally be announced at MIX 11.

The development, if true, may presage one of Microsoft’s few end runs around Apple – an open marketplace of apps on a TV-connected device already in 50 million homes.

Silverlight is currently one of the development environments for Windows Phone 7, with an installed base of several thousand applications.

Hopefully Microsoft will see the benefit of letting go of some control of their console for a much greater gain in the near future.

  • the Tech Dino

    Aren’t they already using this on some things on the dashboard?

  • Anonymous

    A Silverlight-based 360 app store could be huge. I mean, they’ve already shown with WP7 that Silverlight is incredibly portable. This sort of thing could make Google TV dead in the water.

  • http://www.Ztitch.com Ztitch Developer

    I may be biased, as evidenced by my website, but I love Silverlight. I consider it superior to Flash.