Will the next Xbox be called the Xbox 8?


Microsoft has purchased a number of Xbox related domain names recently, including XboxPhone.com, XboxTablet.com, XboxLiveTV.com and XboxCompanion.com.  Two however rang a particular bell.

Microsoft also purchased Xbox8.us and Xbox8.org, which of course connects very well with the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 brand names which will be marketed heavily in 2013.

This of course makes the name very likely, which means we can safely move on to speculating about the XboxPhone 😉

Via Xbox360Achievements.com

  • ltg

    Turn it sideways. Think infinity.

    • rsgx

      Are you a wizard?

      • E1246899


    • Aaron Kurtzer

      This is exactly what I’ve been saying for months. Everything is 8, but if you flip it on its side, it become Xbox Infinite or Xbox Infinity.

      Which sounds a lot cooler than Xbox 8.

  • rsgx

    I like the sound of an Xbox Phone.

    MS could easily make their own DS/Vita that was a phone first and an Xbox Portable too, running WP8.

  • Porkistanis_suck

    Turn it sideways…you get a twisted loop…Xbox Loop

    • http://www.about.me/AngeloGopaul Eingoluq

      no no, Infinity. The Xbox Infinity. A good transition from 360.
      and isn’t Infinity the name of the mega ship in Halo 4?

  • guest

    Xbox infinity could be shortened to xfinity!

  • http://twitter.com/Johannespreekt Johannespreekt

    The next Xbox is probably the last xbox Microsoft will make so I don’t expect them to call it Xbox 8 which is a name that won’t be so cool for the comming years. You probably ask your self last xbox?? Yes, Microsoft thinks it needs one more xbox before they can stream everything including games over the air to your xbox and they will render everything in their datacenters. So yes, this will probably their last xbox device! So xbox infinity is a more suitable name!

  • VHMP01

    Windows 8 will be running Windows 8 Kernel! WRT will be running ported ARM Windows 8 Kernel, won’t it? Xbox (720) will be running Windows 8 Kernel, won’t it? WP8 will be running Windows 8 Kernel, won’t it? Kind of obvious name trending! Isn’t it?

  • SphenicAtaraxy51