Win Surface Pro 3, Xbox One, Windows Phone And More With Ultimate Bing Rewards Prize Pack

Bing Rewards Prize Pack Microsoft

Bing turns 5 today. Microsoft is celebrating this occasion by announcing Ultimate Bing Rewards Prize Pack. The Bing Reward members can get up to 5 times the credits searching (on June 3) and for each day you sign in and search between now and June 9thyou’ll get an automatic entry into our biggest Bing Rewards prize pack yet. 5 winners will get an Xbox One, Surface Pro 3, Nokia Lumia Icon, $500 to spend on apps and entertainment for Xbox, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8, and more.

Bing is 5! To celebrate, we’ve created the Ultimate Bing Rewards Prize Pack, and you could be 1 of 5 grand prize winners. Between now and June 9, each day you search with Bing you’ll automatically get a free entry to win the prize pack or 1 of 500 Bing t-shirts.*

If you are new to Bing Rewards, sign up here. Find more details about this contest here.

If you are not aware of Bing Rewards,

Almost everyone is familiar with rewards, loyalty, and discount programs. Credit cards offer rewards for spending, airlines offer rewards for flight miles, and many grocery stores and gas stations offer coupon and discount programs. Did you know you could also be earning rewards just by searching the web with Bing? By searching on Bing and joining Bing Rewards, not only will you get smart, reliable search results on your phone and computer, but you’ll also earn credits you can redeem for popular gift cards, services or donations. Each month your Bing searches could earn you enough credits for a $5 gift card to a retailer including*, Fandango, Dominos, Sephora, Xbox, Toys R Us, or for a service such as a one-month subscription to Hulu Plus or Skype, and more. Stop leaving money on the table and start racking up credits today with Bing Rewards.

If you are new to Bing Rewards, sign up here.

  • o0MattE0o

    USA Only again :(


      It’s quite sad that Bing is still stuck in the US and cannot get worldwide reputation. How sad the Bing team just ignores that huge market. ;-(

    • xxcorpxx

      Why don’t you do a Bing search on the legal reasons. This would probably help you understand why. It’s a legal nightmare.

      • NegLewis

        There’s no legal reason. Just plain Racist reasons. My 2 cents.

        MS has an office in EVERY country of the world. EVERY country.
        They could easily make this “reward” World Wide Available.

        Same with … tablets only in USA and 1-2 other countries. Software it’s expensive as hell.

        If I want to write and publish a free WP/W8 app. I must buy software worth of at least $1000 and pay MS $100 for the privilege of doing so… and then $20 for the app itself … ++

  • NegLewis

    It’s like in Titanic when all those poor people watch thru a small window all those rich people eating and drinking…

    • Thoughtful

      I wonder, though I don’t know… Does MS make as much money outside of the US on advertising? If Bing rewards are funded by advertising and Bing doesn’t make enough revenue from advertising outside of the US, then this might be why MS isn’t able to offer the rewards in other countries?

  • PoohGQ

    What’s with this.. Cortana can’t understand or respond when I say “Happy Birthday, Cortana!”