Windows 7 And Windows XP Gains Market Share In June While Windows 8 Saw A Slight Decline

Windows Market Share June

New numbers from Net Applications for the month of June show growing OS market for Windows 7 and Windows XP while Windows 8 saw a slight decline.

Windows 7 continues to dominate at the top with the OS now over 50% marketshare (50.55 percent in June), up from 50.06 percent in May. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 combined is now at 12.54% down from 12.64% last month. Windows XP saw a slight increase to 25.31% down from 25.27% last month.

Mac OSX 10.9 currently holds a 3.95% share, while Linux holds a 1.74% share. Windows Vista holds a market share at 2.95%.

Windows 8/Windows 8.1 is not getting the right momentum which Windows 7 enjoyed during its launch. As it was rumored recently, Microsoft releasing Windows 9 for free to Windows 7 users should be a great move to move hundreds of millions of users to the latest OS.

Source: Net Applications

  • Asgard

    so…. What did they change in the measurements? There is no way it’s going down even if it wouldn’t go up much. And there is no way XP going up for real.

    • deathdealer351

      All those vms coming online with xp

    • Univex

      Win8.1 increased at the expense of Win8.0. That is all. With XP upgrading to three different versions 7, 8.0, 8.1 etc you will see an increase in share for XP whilst the number actually decreases.


    Are you kidding O.o
    Windows XP seeing growth.. Who the hell are selling pc with XP. Seeing growth after support termination is really jaw dropping.. 😮

    • Stuart

      Probably enterprise spinning up XP VMs to deal with compatibility issues for LOB applications. That or piracy in China.

  • Guest

    More than expected. Windows 8 is less loved than Jar Jar Binx, and is going to have a lower peak of user share % than Vista (that peaked over 18%, 1.5 times current W8.x peak!)

    • Tips_y

      Your use of the word “peak” is wishful thinking… DMC, is that you?

  • TANWare

    It is a percentage, if no new users came on board but a bunch of Windows 8 machines either were returned and/or converted to another (especially from a dual boot) then XP could see an increase in percentage but not actual users/machines.

  • reKitab

    MS better hurry up with Windows 9. I’m waiting for it, the same way I skipped Vista. I’m a dsktop, no gimmicks gal/guy:)

  • Blastergamer

    Why got XP more share?