Windows 7/8 App Store leaked?


CNBeta have published some screen shots of what they call the Windows App Store. The app store does not show much evidence of Metro inspiration, leading some to suggest the software may even come to Windows 7.

See more screenshots at CNBeta here.



  • Nirmit Kavaiya

    Whoaaaa !!

    • Anonymous

      Nice, huh?

      • rsg1

        Yeah, really cool.

        • Jimmy KP

          fake as fuck

          • Ewwwwwwwww

            fuck is fake?

  • Bruno Nunes

    dont think so

  • Denis Jeleć

    Apple will go berserk with charges to “App store” name. -.-‘

  • Alex F.

    This is Windows Media Player with changed text and icons.

  • Matthew

    this doesn’t seem real at all.

  • Anonymous

    so that explains why microsoft was against apple trademarking the “App store” name

  • Parker Ciambrone

    Just call it the Marketplace and keep the brand! App store sounds so apple.

  • Ryan T.

    I don’t understand why this isn’t all just rolled into Zune, it already serves up more than Music+Video w/ Apps for Zune HD and Windows Phone 7…


    good idea