Windows 8.1 Boot To Destop Option And Other Start Screen Settings

Windows 8.1 Boot To Desktop

With the upcoming Windows 8.1 update for Windows 8 devices, Microsoft is giving users a choice on booting straight to desktop instead of Start Screen. Apart from this option, there are several other Start Screen settings that users can choose from. For example, you can now set your desktop background on the Start Screen, set to show the Apps view automatically whenever you go to Start, ability to list desktop apps first in the Apps view and more.

via: Win8china

  • DoctorSnyder

    Wow. Nice options there… They make a lot of sense.

  • kmschaefer

    I hope they let you show the clock on multiple taskbars, so the modern UI apps don’t hide the time.

  • BrandonHanchett

    Yeah, having the same background really helps bring Metro and Legacy together.

    • Pookiewood

      Didn’t think of it that way but you are right.

    • Bugbog

      At the least, it’ll finally shut those “but it’s too jarring/dis-jointed” noise-makers down! :)

    • leharmeerak

      I’m a fan of Microsoft and I really want metro to be successful, but with the current implementation its not possible… I rarely use metro apps, it just feels that there are two different systems in one and they are not really integrated… there are two different implementations of multitasking for store apps in the left side and for desktop apps with task bar, combining these two is a must… besides there is no way to pin metro app icons in the desktop, but you can do the vice versa, which is totally wrong because people on a pc are mostly on the desktop… before solving theses issues I still find it metro useless and I can totally live without it…

  • grs_dev

    Instead of calling it “Go to desktop instead of start when I login” I would have called it “Launch desktop mode on login”

    Just saying…